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Claire Elliott
Cauio Christmas
Comment from : Claire Elliott

Andrew-James Shields
9 adverts really.
Comment from : Andrew-James Shields

Ivan Kolokolczev
whats been all your best, lowest but best win? i wons 2.5k on a free spin at slotv casino!
Comment from : Ivan Kolokolczev

stuart weatherall
What happened to taking points off? Josh should have lost a few same as scotty
Comment from : stuart weatherall

bez ness
quality streaming as per usual guys keep it up, but scotty is the new samson!!! hair chopped and no hat he aint goin win nothing :), forfeits to loser eat hot chillys or shave/waxed strips on chest legs etc pull them of only cos watched facebook vid there n was howling, games id like see pig wizard megaways or even normal, magic ian,legends of pharoahs,jinglebells,rolling stone of ages,dr lovemore,gaelic luck, spin doctor,naked gun,wild bandits, treasure of the lamps,pixies of forest something different and most are on all sites would like see at leat 1 of yous win big on them
Comment from : bez ness

yard star
guys thats enough jamie is a good bloke
Comment from : yard star

I haven't even started the video yet, but I want to say I LOVE watching you's 3 battle it out....Individually I don't tend to rush to watch your video's....I do watch them, but it's not the be all end all.....These battles though, they're the first video's I watch if I see them on my recommended list. Thanks for doing this, it's so much fun to watch.
Comment from : MyCracker1234

The year of josh? Either way I wish you guys the best xxx
Comment from : caz

Colin Toft
Getting a hot desperate on the adds lads Jesus like 12 adds
Comment from : Colin Toft

Jamie Gray-ham
Finally Josh has won one!!!
Comment from : Jamie Gray-ham

Paddy Lewis
Josh not keeping to script and doing his own thing,.,, shocker.
Comment from : Paddy Lewis

Paddy Lewis
Eye of horus has to be the worst game I’ve ever seen.
Comment from : Paddy Lewis

Einstein is still working on Josh`s points system, rule 2b extra 2 points if your name begins with a J Rule 2C name starting with a J must contain a O to qualify for extra 2 points.:)
Comment from : SLOTman

Tommo 123
love the slot battles
Comment from : Tommo 123

Josh makes up the the rules josh wins, that's how it's done
Comment from : Bradman004

Josh should be disqualified for running out of money 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : crawfy

Karina Auld
Uh oh scotty your loosing your mojo
Comment from : Karina Auld

John Greene
New fruity graphics looking smart 👏
Comment from : John Greene

Danny Bailey
Nothing like a points system to skew it all up. Think Josh and Jamie got a little salty by being housed in the first 2 videos. Also, nice to see some of the old slots being played here.
Comment from : Danny Bailey

chris Moran
Comment from : chris Moran

Michael Pressley
Very nice video guys! Keep it up!
Comment from : Michael Pressley

rachel king
Madagascar.. first random place that came into Jamie's head?? lol
Comment from : rachel king

adam flatt
Wow I thought eye of horus was shit now they make a terrible game even worse
Comment from : adam flatt

kkrispy2009 P
A nice slot battle , cant still belive jamie in prison
Comment from : kkrispy2009 P

Scotty. What do you think to the technological advancements made by Germany during world war 2 ? Still waiting for an answer 😂
Comment from : dewhirst69

Ben Dodsworth
Rip Scotty
Comment from : Ben Dodsworth

Welsh Patriot Craig
Should call this the scotty horror show!
Comment from : Welsh Patriot Craig

Glen Mountain
I miss,jamie so much 😥😥😥
Comment from : Glen Mountain

Nathan Wileman
Scotty’s luck might be coming to an end he’s had a great run so you can’t be mad
Comment from : Nathan Wileman

The Groominator
Comment from : The Groominator

Myzone Gaming
Scotty easy
Comment from : Myzone Gaming

DJ Dazzler
Jamie has got this in the bag
Comment from : DJ Dazzler

chopperharris from the west country
Think 2 will be close. 1 will blow them away!
Comment from : chopperharris from the west country

Josh for the wild line
Comment from : HAZLADZ 88

Jackpot Wins
Cant wait! My money is on Scotty! hahaha!
Comment from : Jackpot Wins

Comment from : GARY Mc

Comment from : THE DUKE

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