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ade only
Sambinha da dança do ventre kkkkkk
Comment from : ade only

ade only
Comment from : ade only

Angie Valdivia
Me pueden decir cuál es el nombre del tema??? 😍
Comment from : Angie Valdivia

maat hathor
She is copying a dance from an old movie. It was a European movie from the 20s or 30s. Very risque for the time. The original was alot better.
Comment from : maat hathor

d abdella
Do be that relaxed and confident is a feat in itself ,just a natural in front of an audience .

Comment from : d abdella

I wish my car's transmission ran as smooth.
Comment from : moboutmen

Omar Gibbs
Reminds me of this video

Comment from : Omar Gibbs

Kim Lock
Comment from : Kim Lock

Ramez M١
Comment from : Ramez M١

Marina Wolter Belly Dancer
super sexy ♥♥♥ super performance ♥♥♥
Comment from : Marina Wolter Belly Dancer

Benicio Feliciano
VERY COOL, belíssima edição e linda musica e linda dança ❤⚘
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Comment from : Benicio Feliciano

Debra Paget was truly ahead of her time! This dance was performed in a film 70 years ago, yet is amazingly modern in its moves.
Comment from : thraciangrapes

Olimpia Borges
Those legs!!! Omg
Comment from : Olimpia Borges

thahll dajj
Apollyon popping wolves at the crossroads, a
world filled w/ revival & it will not be televised,
For Honor,

Comment from : thahll dajj

Shymaa Harb
She is Different !
Comment from : Shymaa Harb

Mundo da fla
Comment from : Mundo da fla

Celestial Fortuna
you did a great job capturing the dance of Debra Paget. very impressed. a modern twist also. you have a great sense of melody and timing Alia! congratulations.
Comment from : Celestial Fortuna

Christine Karas
Total genius! I am speechless at the beauty, creativity and technique.
Comment from : Christine Karas

Moamar Yassein
alia mohamed is unique
Comment from : Moamar Yassein

Friedrich vanderWart
great performance and great music choice as well!!!
Comment from : Friedrich vanderWart

Belly Dancer Ekaterina
I am in love with her energy!
Comment from : Belly Dancer Ekaterina

izak kotze
Alia queen of beauty.
Comment from : izak kotze

Miriam Israel
Comment from : Miriam Israel

Beautiful dance
Comment from : jasminmaria2

dina tomaras
Beautiful dancer Bravo for Montreal Canada 💋💋💋💋🌹🌹🦋🦋🦋🌺🌺🌸🌸💥💥❤️🦋🦋🦋🇬🇷🇬🇷🇨🇦🇨🇦
Comment from : dina tomaras

Peter Wallace
Lovely..........how these gorgeous ladies move their belly & hips, shimmering. Not to forget their boobies. 👀😍🥰🌹🌹🇦🇺
Comment from : Peter Wallace

Burlesque with GoldMinka
OMG this is so beautiful <3
Comment from : Burlesque with GoldMinka

Tom Brady
You hypnotized me quite deeply with this dance
Comment from : Tom Brady

Hendrik Jash
Betapa indahnya dunia dengan cara sangat meria canda dan senyum manis moga tetap jaya dan sukses
Comment from : Hendrik Jash

Carolin Rod Steele
Hypnotizing put your mind and body into deep sleep for days. Dreams to you now if you need to get it over with the madness.🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🦋🥀🕸️🐞🌵
Comment from : Carolin Rod Steele

Copy of Debra Paget.... Pretty young lady, your work is nice ! How did you do that YT accepts to show your pretty butt !?! I really would like to know ! I know that noone will answer that...
Comment from : louisetta1000

Сергей Машков
Comment from : Сергей Машков

shawnte Pitts
Comment from : shawnte Pitts

modern studies
I prefer the end of me old cigar myself
Comment from : modern studies

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Comment from : Sufelboutique BellyDanceCostumes

Eduardo Lucio Diniz Vieira
A melhor performance de todas que já vi!
Comment from : Eduardo Lucio Diniz Vieira

Atavistic performance , wow ! .
This dance was danced by our ancestors in the night of the times probably .
I love it .


Marta Abril
Amazing as usual my dear Alia !
Comment from : Marta Abril

Simpático show 😌👏👏👏
Comment from : caprikay

Entony Della Ratta
Alia Mohamed,sexy,sensuale,adorabile,gradevolissima,✅🍒💎🧗‍♀️🧗‍♂️💃🤸‍♀️👠👙👡🆒➿🆗💱🔟🚻🆕🆙➰🎯♋💧🌊🥂🔥💯🌈💑😉😻🍑💥👏🤞🙌😍💋🍓🌟😃🍐👍🌹😂💕😊🤣🌺👅💖🌸😁🦋👄🙏✌😘😜👌🔑😛💞🍭✅
Comment from : Entony Della Ratta

Fitness Girl
She is beginner.. Disappointed ت
Comment from : Fitness Girl

Michael McDaniel
She is wonderful. I dislike body stockings.
Comment from : Michael McDaniel

Wow 😮 Excellent graceful I loved its great 👍I want to learn too Well done
Comment from : ARELA彰

ibay dillah
Beauty and sexy dance hot. I love quuen
Comment from : ibay dillah

satyavrat bhardwaj
अजूबा है ,Ajuba h
Comment from : satyavrat bhardwaj

Ирина Дикая с Галёрки
Блестяще!!! Просто очарована! Давно не получала такого эстетического наслаждения. Благодарю от всей души!
Comment from : Ирина Дикая с Галёрки

Sameer Gopale
Comment from : Sameer Gopale

Living a Boys adventure tale
6:00 belly samba
Comment from : Living a Boys adventure tale

Alina Komarova
Она напоминает мне Мата Хари
Comment from : Alina Komarova

eshant verma
Awesome serpentine power you have
Love the way snakes crawl ladies

Comment from : eshant verma

robin avalyn
Love this!!! Far above the cut!
It’s so wonderful to watch the modern form of “burlesque” dancing.
I see some belly dance & other dance training, but this gal has made burlesque her own!
Thank you very much for this viewing experience. Im going to go looking for more of your work right now.

Comment from : robin avalyn

Do ppl think this is bellydance? Shed be better at stripping
Comment from : randomness

Zorsha **
Beautifully done wonderful performance.
Comment from : Zorsha **

Lissa White
Для танцовщицы она коряка, если честно
Comment from : Lissa White

mary ann van de car
the concept of the snake hands was actually done by Ruth St. Dennis in her famous 'Cobra' dance sometime after 1906 on stage. Ruthie used large green stones on rings for her cobra 'eyes' and presented a piece about an ancient Yogi in torn clothes who captured the cobra in his hand movements. The movie with Debra Paget performing uses the same concept of the rings on the fingers but she is supposedly in a trance while performing for the king cobra and wakens out of it at the end of her dance while collapsing on the floor. Debra did not use any traditional bellydance movements. Her fusion dance used some Indian dance postures as well as the Hollywood style choreography. Alia captures some of the above concepts but her bellydance routine is more tribal fusion. It is not based on Ruth St. Dennis' concepts at all, but rather on the basic idea in Debra Paget's dance morphed into a tribal style bellydance routine.
Comment from : mary ann van de car

Robert Prin
Demonic dance about serpentine spirit! Luciferian!
Comment from : Robert Prin

Elena Zhukova
Comment from : Elena Zhukova

Sarah Bee
i think its odd that someone is doing a dance that an actress did, but she wasnt a professional dancer. the real snake dances are performed in indian dancing and this is just... some dance that an actor tried to dance? i dont get it. its not a real dance.
Comment from : Sarah Bee

Wonderful!! ❤️
Comment from : Julia

Алиса Фантомхайв
Музыка очень завораживающая, а девичьи пляски фигня полная😆😆😆😆😆
Comment from : Алиса Фантомхайв

Алиса Фантомхайв
Начало танца ужасно нудное👎👎уже хотела выключать видео нужно срочно переделать!!!
Comment from : Алиса Фантомхайв

Maritza Elizabeth Chamorro Guerrón
Ese baile lo vi en una película pero esta interpretación me dejó sin palabras
Comment from : Maritza Elizabeth Chamorro Guerrón

cruzan mongoose
My snake was dancing.
Comment from : cruzan mongoose

Helena de Tróia Tróia
Me lembrou alguém que já fez assim com maestria
Comment from : Helena de Tróia Tróia

Вячеслав Костюков
Что это - древний Вавилон?
Comment from : Вячеслав Костюков

Gulcan Yunus
Very nice masallah
Comment from : Gulcan Yunus

danae awad burton
Me recordó las películas antiguas
Donde salían las bailarinas un viaje al pasado me encanto

Comment from : danae awad burton

Claudine Rico
Wouaouuuu. Magnifique danseuse 💃. Quel talent. Gracieuse et belle. Souple. Très belle musique 🎶.
Comment from : Claudine Rico

Aetesu Sankhya
Alias' serpentine is well improvised of debras' Alias gestures are gentle nuances n those awesome gerks she made r beautified sexuality mythical serpentine is hidden sex of the middle east indian goddesses r ferocious n sexual nothing to do with guilty complex AETESU Sankhya Tamilnadu state India may2019
Comment from : Aetesu Sankhya

Daxxon Jabiru
Comment from : Daxxon Jabiru

Gina Villanueva
Después de ver a Rachel Brice, Zoe Jacks o Sadie esto no m agrada...
Comment from : Gina Villanueva

Rosa Helena
Comment from : Rosa Helena

Kano King
Really anatsunam
Comment from : Kano King

John E Allen
Go somewhere and sit down !
Comment from : John E Allen

**😍😘💃WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAooooooooooooO** 😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💃🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Comment from : MÉXICO ITALIA

Albina Zolotaia
Comment from : Albina Zolotaia

Gogo Shagara
Serpinten? This is a Belly dance..
Comment from : Gogo Shagara

Parabéns 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏. Maravilhosa.💎
Comment from : niveapontal1

valeriy sharov
Comment from : valeriy sharov

Yonit Lifshitz
Comment from : Yonit Lifshitz

Jenifer Ulloa
I don't like it. Because isn't mistic. I preffer to Valeria Chudaeva... she really is amazing.
Comment from : Jenifer Ulloa

Fred Thomson
Almost as good as Debra Paget in the indian Tomb
Comment from : Fred Thomson

Mane Stage
Your body is amazing!
Comment from : Mane Stage

The Scorpio Lesbian
You have very good moves, but the moving of the hips is very poor
Comment from : The Scorpio Lesbian

Gisellé 9v9r Crrz
Si tuviera pechos y culo estarían aquí todos criticandola x la ropa como le hacen a todas pero x suerte tiene cuerpo d bailarina clásica y se ve estilizada, pero x favor no jusgen no importa q cuerpo tengan cuando las odaliscas no usen falda o corpiños pekeños y le digan puta y otras huevadas , si no les gusta no miren y ya >:u!
Comment from : Gisellé 9v9r Crrz

Kimberly Hansen
Comment from : Kimberly Hansen

The Body,Mind&Spirit Channel
Oh wow ! This is fantastic ! So well done, such a classic ! Just beautiful !
Comment from : The Body,Mind&Spirit Channel

Leslie Vences
I didn’t know Simply nailogical can dance like that???!
Comment from : Leslie Vences

SonjaWolf Moon
Hermosa felicidades 💜
Comment from : SonjaWolf Moon

Celio Buenno
Comment from : Celio Buenno

The lines to the number are very nice, a beautiful rendition of the snake dance, I think the flow in your upper body was gorgeous and mesmerising as the snake and pharonic moves were incorporated with the traditional bellies dances from around the world
Comment from : Shablé

Marie Moyano
Wooww love!!! What's name music , one performance?
Comment from : Marie Moyano

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️!
Comment from : ALLEN FALCO

I've watched this young lady's performancces over the years and I continue to be impressed. I look forward to more in the years to come. Brava.
Comment from : piousone

Ольга Лисовская
Высший пилотаж)
Comment from : Ольга Лисовская

Khayrul Basar
so delicious
Comment from : Khayrul Basar

Diana Karnisi
My belly dancer on got talents
Comment from : Diana Karnisi

Emmett Jordan
Comment from : Emmett Jordan

Margarita Dodd
congrats! Alia...superb performance.
Comment from : Margarita Dodd

Нурия Тургунбаева
Восточный танец в исполнении большинства современных доморощенных танцовщиц больше напоминает демонстрацию оголённого тела, чем сам танец...
Comment from : Нурия Тургунбаева

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