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Tony R
Wow. I fuckin hate genie for me hes about as useful as an ashtray in a motor bike usually!!!
Comment from : Tony R

Pei Huang
Why are you keep saying the F word is not nice and how dare you go to your room because you’re grounded
Comment from : Pei Huang

David Chevis
Like this dude, fun videos
Comment from : David Chevis

Hastalapasta Pasta
Always a monster win or not scamartist??
Comment from : Hastalapasta Pasta

Alan pleydell
Too much waffling not enough playing...
Comment from : Alan pleydell

Tj Ritchason
Lol that’s for two rubouts
Comment from : Tj Ritchason

Mrs Lucky Magpie
Nice win josh! 👍
Comment from : Mrs Lucky Magpie

Donna Smiles
Fantastic win, Well deserved Fruity's x
Comment from : Donna Smiles

Alan Clutterham
Nice one josh amazing stream as always
Comment from : Alan Clutterham

Van Wijk TV
I hit 10 000x on 80 cent bett the win was 8200 fulll genie. nice hit
Comment from : Van Wijk TV

Elliot Smith
WOW this is great stuff, really like the videos. The Genie was good today i see.
Comment from : Elliot Smith

yard star
Nosh is a machine a never losing machine
Comment from : yard star

kkrispy2009 P
Wow thumbs up another great win . Red note or takeaway Mr lol
Comment from : kkrispy2009 P

What a win, can you play 'the wiz' soon? Thanks!
Comment from : Dan

John Lewington
Don't understand why people don't like the video, if you don't like it, don't bother watching
Comment from : John Lewington

Trump 2020🇺🇸
Tefal brow is a propa pound shop Jamie ✌ nice win mono
Comment from : Trump 2020🇺🇸

Shane Taylor
Nice one josh
Comment from : Shane Taylor

Ryan's slots channel
would of paid £7,200 if 1 genie symbol on reel 6
Comment from : Ryan's slots channel

What a hit!!!
Comment from : TheDjcoridon

Michael Pressley
Congrats! This game is Insane! Would love to play this. In the US though. Lol
Comment from : Michael Pressley

Adrian Milliner
Nice hit guys
Comment from : Adrian Milliner

Soft 16 Stick!!!
This is Jamie's go-to machine 😀😀
Comment from : Soft 16 Stick!!!

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