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Timeline - World History Documentaries
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Comment from : Timeline - World History Documentaries

Marie H.
Yassss take me back to 6th grade social studies class!!!
Comment from : Marie H.

How can the Great Pyramid be a tomb if no mummy was ever found inside it?
Comment from : animeAJreProductions

YouTuber YouTuber
تاريخ اليهود
Comment from : YouTuber YouTuber

Bernie McCann
How is it that the example being used here of Queen Hatshepsut has a beard and no breasts ?
Comment from : Bernie McCann

Lil Drapes -Fortnite
there is so many funny mistakes in the captions
Comment from : Lil Drapes -Fortnite

Emmanuette Thomas
Left there face back here
Comment from : Emmanuette Thomas

Emmanuette Thomas
Where there bones to my understand I think my God brings there body to heaven
Comment from : Emmanuette Thomas

Egitto con ilfaraone
A hidden chamber has Discovered in the great pyramid 👇👇

Comment from : Egitto con ilfaraone

Elizabeth Moriarty
I was quite interested in this video, until she said that the pyramids were tombs. She is just another disinformation informant- just like ALL the others. NO BODY HAS EVER BEEN FOUND IN A PYRAMID! EVER! Therefore, a logical and intelligent person would conclude that the PYRAMIDS WERE NOT TOMBS!
Comment from : Elizabeth Moriarty

Maria Montgomery
This is African history
Comment from : Maria Montgomery

Bridgett Holman
I really love the historian. She's very knowledgeable!
Comment from : Bridgett Holman

Joe Buie
She leaving out the Egyptians are Black People from AFRICA. Whenever white people talk about history, especially 2000 years ago, The people were BLACK. Black people are the beginning of humanity. Where does white people history start.
Comment from : Joe Buie

Rebel Shaman
...Cleopatra's worn cornrows & locs
Comment from : Rebel Shaman

Savvy Drives
Voice reminds of Gaia from God of war
Comment from : Savvy Drives

She doesn’t understand the ancient interpretations at all. No one from an academic background does. They are blinded from the true meanings of the relics left behind by our megalithic ancestors. The vultures of the past feed off our ever decaying memories as they fed off our ancestors in the time of great destruction, sending us into a spiraling descent.
Comment from : Wilverine99

Mustafa Tariq
Comment from : Mustafa Tariq

But Cleopatra wasn’t beautiful to what we think she look like or did that coin had,?,?
Comment from : Nati

11.44 thank god she aknowledged the men, I really thought I was gonna watch a british white woman being carried by two egyptian men of color 😧 😅
Comment from : Choly

Cleopatra, a modern role model for girls??... YES, you too can be favorite child if you commit fratricide, sororicide, marry your little brother then kill him too... Perfect role model for the modern serial killer girl
Comment from : gousmc1983

Katherine Webb
I'm surprised Nerfertiti wasn't mentioned! She wasn't just some arm candy. She's portrayed very uniquely next to her husband, Akhenaten- who, admittedly, wasn't very popular, yada yada, but she and he did some drastic things together.
Comment from : Katherine Webb

keneilwe ximba
Im bothered at how she clearly says the offerings made were sacred, then she goes and does it.
It's very undermining and disrespectful for people's religions and beliefs.

Comment from : keneilwe ximba

All I ever read in the comments on Egyptian videos are people saying the facts arent true. So where is the truth? Are there videos with the truth about historical Egypt on youtube?
Comment from : TheTaxburden

Juan Reyes
Femanazi bs
Comment from : Juan Reyes

scott left
CLEARLY they had great need of the scolds bridle even then.
Comment from : scott left

Adrian Benhard
This woman look like feminist crazy libidos
Comment from : Adrian Benhard

John Lorfel
I love the hairdo.
Comment from : John Lorfel

chi mc
Another heinous feminist agenda being propagated through the chastity of Egyptian history. How sickening.
Comment from : chi mc

Surprised Nefertiti was not featured, only because most believe she was merely some queen consort and bystander, but she actually ruled as a pharoh herself at some point. She was more than just a stunning bust.
Comment from : caleast

Jesse Gipson
No white woman would ever get that treatment in real life white ppl are the true heathens.
Comment from : Jesse Gipson

Jesse Gipson
No white ppl could ever digest the sun like us please don't white wash history like you were apart of this history because you only stole from her and destroyed our culture only thing white ppl are good for grave robbers and white washers disgusting....
Comment from : Jesse Gipson

Jesse Gipson
Black woman shows you other woman how to rule still no white ppl indigenous from anywhere near Africa
Comment from : Jesse Gipson



anthony Kiganda
After watching this docu I conclude that ancient Egyptians were a black people and highly sophisticated at the time. More importantly, Egyptians were also a pagan community that believed in things like sun and pharaohs.
Comment from : anthony Kiganda

vlady ka
Ancient Egyptian architecture and sculpture is Great, but those drawing and painting is really a catastrophe, so i mean that ancient architecture and sculpture is not made by Anc.Egyptian!
It is made by an other , sure from a much more advanced civilization.

Comment from : vlady ka

Joaquin Romolor
I just happen to know an Egyptian Beauty and I am so interested in her culture so I thought I want to do my own study and researched on this Queen babes. Very interesting and fascinating, Goddess of love. Inspiring Women Leaders, Wow.
Comment from : Joaquin Romolor

Tasnia Mozammel
Where can I find a list and details of the artifacts and locations displayed in this video?
Comment from : Tasnia Mozammel

Brad Wolf
Time Mark: 2:10

Knowledge really was power...

- Eugene Kwok

Comment from : Brad Wolf

Ganga Hari Dahal
Very nice story love to watch
Comment from : Ganga Hari Dahal

Norma Earnisse
Enjoyed this video very much how it was fascinated with ancient Egypt so I was a child wow amazing !!!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️
Comment from : Norma Earnisse

Learn to die
I’m From Sudan and I promise y’all that the will be a plague on white people very soon for all these falsification. Y’all really hate blacks for no reason, change everything, still their achievements, can’t believe this is real. Man y’all get ready for what is coming. The ancestors are angry.
Comment from : Learn to die

namimiss ko na ang mga bata
Comment from : lorelyn61

Magic Star
4 Queens In 1
Comment from : Magic Star

If the Kings in queen were white y r they brown i no the truth we were kings n queens blackkk now i c y white ppl hate us so bad
Comment from : getemupwatts

Susan Mills
I like this lady - and her presentations. Wish she could come out and say some of the real truths about ancient Egypt. We know so much more now - too bad when this was made she had to follow what Hawass said was OK to print. Glad the new guy is telling the real history of the area. Would love for her to remake these and tell the actual story.
Comment from : Susan Mills

hypebeast not allowed
Black women been gods we only race with god in us but government got us all divided and hiding are info
Comment from : hypebeast not allowed

hypebeast not allowed
Usa and Egypt working together to hide info that in pyramid
Comment from : hypebeast not allowed

Nahom Worku
You can see they were black. That is why they broke most of the sculptures noses
Comment from : Nahom Worku

Lola Femme fatale
White people are the only ones on earth that love to steal people identity 😂
Comment from : Lola Femme fatale

Lola Femme fatale
To discover that you would have to go down to Sudan The Sudanese built the pyramids and they also built ancient Kemet
Comment from : Lola Femme fatale

The rainbow of life 978
Very cool now I need to learn about RA
Comment from : The rainbow of life 978

Elmas Nasıl Bulunur
Turkish: Bu Linkteki Videomuz Videolar Arasında Birinci Oldu Elmasları Bulma Anlarımız Kimberlit Yatakları Volkanik Kayaların İçinde Elmaslar
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this link was the first among the videos of our video
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Comment from : Elmas Nasıl Bulunur

Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation
Right. See you then. You deserved to be carried for a while..all your diligence and respect and awe.
Comment from : Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

Kareem Ehab
I am an Egyptian man and this lady was carried by real Egyptians in the film so that make her a royal lady too 😂 and to all of you people you are more than welcome to visit Egypt and see all the history by your eyes at any time we are the sons of the real pharons loves you and want you to come and visit us here ...from Egypt with love 😃🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬
Comment from : Kareem Ehab

AD ForKnowledge
I don't want this video to end... This is such a beautiful video... <3 <3
Comment from : AD ForKnowledge

Christine Callanan
Has a tornado ever hit Vegas? Just curious😉
Comment from : Christine Callanan

Jeff Dobbs
Role model??? Are you smoking crack?? She murdered her sister and her 13 year old brother that makes her a child killer not a role model
Comment from : Jeff Dobbs

Bre Karnell
African history! 👑🧠👑
Comment from : Bre Karnell

Gugulethu Mkhize
I think it would be great and honest to speak on why the various Pharoah's noses were smashed off.
Comment from : Gugulethu Mkhize

Mario Cruz
40:00 DMT ????????
Comment from : Mario Cruz

Pink rose
Her son was loving 🥰
Comment from : Pink rose

I hope she paid them for their service, for she is not an Egyptian queen, just an Egyptologist securing some
credibility for her academic endeavors. She is charismatic, and her lectures would prove interesting.

Comment from : Kelley

BR Lady
43:28 maybe it is not a silver earring? Maybe it is a painting showing Nefetari was a great listener?
Comment from : BR Lady

Errol Fellows
Interesting. Well-presented. Joanne Fletcher has a great love for her subject. I wish that she had been a teacher at my school. (Why was she wearing black, and using a black umbrella? It's Egypt; it's damned HOT!!
Wear something light!)

Comment from : Errol Fellows

Jim dela Cruz Vera
i wanna touch her hair
Comment from : Jim dela Cruz Vera

Viktor Powers
Please not a woman again
Comment from : Viktor Powers

Benjamin Ely
The gospel of go spel of Eurphrate river of the Middle East of Mesopotamia of the Bible old King James Bible of Adam was Placed in the Middle East Garden of Eden of the Bible old King James Bible not of the forebeden fruit of the Middle East of the forebeden fruit of the whole land of Ethiopia Adam of the Bible old King James Bible
Comment from : Benjamin Ely

Benjamin Ely
The gospel of go spel Adam and Eve born again of Creation of male and female only of multiply of Adam the Christ a soldier for life of the whole land of Ethiopia the second river of Ethiopian Black African African American Negro History of the Bible old King James Bible
Comment from : Benjamin Ely

Mary Mande
Why it has to be a red woman to tell our stories when they really don't know nothing about us !!! Let a Black historian tell our stories and i,m sure the African ppl feel the same way !!!! DEMONS !!!
Comment from : Mary Mande

I want to meet a lady Pharaoh...
Comment from : beez.

Francine Laurin
Merci Timeline and Miss Fletcher for this excellent documentary ..one more item to cross on my bucket list (looking up *Nefertari*)..I did indeed missed my calling in life ..I wanted to become an Historian ..but my mémère convinced me I would do more good becoming a Social Worker ..besides she was paying for my studies (lol) ..Wonderfully presented &
🌌narrated!🌌 .. moi, canada 🇨🇦

Comment from : Francine Laurin

Tracy Phillips
We really need to put the divine female back on her throne where she belongs with her robes. Thank you for this beautiful portrait of our divine female ancestors. May the divine qualities arise in this reality quickly. Namaste
Comment from : Tracy Phillips

Domenic Localzo
Obvious feminists
Comment from : Domenic Localzo

M. Graph
You need to add more adverts, I kept getting interrupted by the documentary.
Comment from : M. Graph

Buddha's ChildTv
Thank you White lady for teaches us blacks African History about our ancestors much respect
Comment from : Buddha's ChildTv

Milly Ashby
And what I have spoken of is no joke and isn't a lie which I can pledge and swear an oath on thy Bible that this is thy truth Amen
Comment from : Milly Ashby

Milly Ashby
Now I have to be truly honest with all why this Leo DF woman is so drawn to this video of Egypt and the Pyramid and although I haven't been to Egypt or done any studies to do with Cleopatra or Egypt but oh boy I have witnessed and seen in a vision those remarkable signs on the inside of those stone walls and with these words spoken and written by me are thy honest truth as Heavenly Father our Saviour Jesus Christ and thy Holy Spirit are my witnesses and all this I have seen wasn't in a dream and now my intuition is telling me where my spiritual journey is taking me Amen
Comment from : Milly Ashby

Milly Ashby
What's amazing me at this moment is while at school in my days I never did any studies on Egypt or anything to do with Cleopatra or Egypt but I do feel something very strong and I'm not interested in this lady talking in this video it's what I'm feeling mmmm
Comment from : Milly Ashby

Milly Ashby
Honestly I don't know what keeps drawing me to this video to do with Egypt about all I know it's got something to do with those Pyramids because every night I see a Pyramid in the Stars oh boy and at this very moment while watching this video I feel it strongly cause I feel it in my chest and heart chakra
Comment from : Milly Ashby

Ruhul Islam
Thank you Madam for making this video with so much information about history.
I'm really excited to see more you.

Comment from : Ruhul Islam

Allysah Sales
I want to time travel and become invisible and take down every single detail to know what really happened😒 cuz i get confused in different people's side of story about every thing in ancient Egypt
Comment from : Allysah Sales

Charles Taylor
And it only take three generations to change a race!
Comment from : Charles Taylor

Living in China
I got more confused watching this! Nice try thou
Comment from : Living in China

Riley Tuplin
Do the curtains match the drapes?
Comment from : Riley Tuplin

AB. B.
If she wasn't such a dickhater, she would be good
Comment from : AB. B.

Tesfanesh fitsum Atsbha
All the look ,jewelry and clothes of those women is found now in current Ethiopia
Comment from : Tesfanesh fitsum Atsbha

Laila Bee
Look at these noses. You ppl should be ashamed!
Comment from : Laila Bee

Stan Pilev
first words i heard and i'm out. 6000 years? seriously?
Comment from : Stan Pilev

cerebral S O U P
That all black outfit topped with the red hair and black umbrella... powerful
Comment from : cerebral S O U P

Michael Carlow
I watched the entire video in the hopes of picking up some knowledge previously unknown to myself. Instead of knowledge, though, I got a lot of femminist stupidity based upon the perceptions of a modern woman who, for some reason. is getting it all out of context. Either she is deliberately mixing things up or she is incompetent.
Comment from : Michael Carlow

Queen Cali
They love trying to rewrite history 😂🤣
Comment from : Queen Cali

Ancient Egyptians were black
Comment from : xero80

history made like gossip
Comment from : thefatren

Ocean Of Success
They will teach if but will never mention the race. These Egyptians are BLACK.
Comment from : Ocean Of Success

I thought arsinoe was cleopatras younger sister? That cleopatra later on had murdered 🤷🏽‍♂️
Comment from : MannyTheKid

Computer User
The egyptians respected their women unlike the hebrews and their patriarchal society.
Comment from : Computer User

Owen Thai
Comment from : Owen Thai

Ashes To ashes
How do we know that any of this info is correct? Sometimes I wonder how true the stories are cause they find more and the whole story changes.
Comment from : Ashes To ashes

Jake Toffen
Does she look in the mirror before she leaves the house? God someome get her a comb
Comment from : Jake Toffen

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