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Bella plays meow meow
How come the only people to win big money are those who do video channels last night I spend 1000 pounds on this game on 2 pound never had more then 287 pound ????
Comment from : Bella plays meow meow

truth teller
You sound weird
Comment from : truth teller

Sam Worrall
Rigged.. they hit more wins as streamers to get us lot to deposit at the casinos they play at... casinos are cunts!!!! The sooner this is banned.. the better
Comment from : Sam Worrall

Food For Thought
How did you go from having one spin left to having 4 spins?
Comment from : Food For Thought

Ikon Hero
Wow beautiful hit man, congrats!
Comment from : Ikon Hero

Jungle Trader
Nice work bro !
Comment from : Jungle Trader

raduta cristian
online better no play..you lose total control of your account. game make us nervous when we lose. i hate games..becouse i.lose peopels from this shits machine...i wish to stop games
Comment from : raduta cristian

TheMysteryPanda TheMysteryPanda
What does the percent things means in beginnig?
Comment from : TheMysteryPanda TheMysteryPanda

aleksandr laakso
my best is 6500x bet on this bonus..
Comment from : aleksandr laakso

Luca Ottolini
Really insane..congrats!
Comment from : Luca Ottolini

Most Mysterious
Potty mouth.
Comment from : Most Mysterious

It's gonna 'kill' ya in the end :)
Comment from : pulsarl2c

fantastic win ! Really love this slot and the song. have you guys seen the music video ? It’s hilarious :D
Comment from : RedPyramidHead666

Dan Cogan
For most it's Danger High Loses
Comment from : Dan Cogan

u winning and winning and winning, whot se faaaack
Comment from : Nudelrudi

Paul Griffiths
How many record wins is this guy having lately
Comment from : Paul Griffiths

Sahen Dog
Can play casino without doing records :D
Comment from : Sahen Dog

Jani Sidji
What date this is happen?
Comment from : Jani Sidji

Sheriff Ice
why cant i be first "_"
Comment from : Sheriff Ice

Showme Dumuny
Wish some skulls came in for you!!! Damn nice win though. Congrats bro
Comment from : Showme Dumuny

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