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Kacey Simon
I would like to know who the 567 idiots are who dislike this video. Obviously haters
Comment from : Kacey Simon

raymond COTE
Why do you win 3 every spin?
Comment from : raymond COTE

Comment from : よっしぃ

$550 in free play......
Comment from : califinn

francisco cardenas
Why the slut machine takes doble credit or is just me?
Comment from : francisco cardenas

Dimas Bonilla
I have seen all your video games for 2 years and won a couple of times but you can help me with tips @akafujislot as you do to read that machine will give you prizes
Comment from : Dimas Bonilla

That's a fucked up machine ! Good trick though
Comment from : jseadog

Kevin Hermiz
My favorite machine good job
Comment from : Kevin Hermiz

Charlotte Nasise
Congratulations. More big wins to come.
Comment from : Charlotte Nasise

Nice handload!
Comment from : P G

steve Kos
You must be extremely rich if you can afford to keep making so many of these slot play videos as frequently as you do. You probably either have a job that's extremely high-paying, or you inherited millions of dollars from a rich relative, because no one with an ordinary job with ordinary pay could possibly afford to do what you're doing. Not to mention all of the many slot play sessions that you don't record where you don't win anything big, and the thousands you probably go through all the time every week.
Comment from : steve Kos

Beci Carrera
I don’t understand why he never lost anything. Either he got the 3 coins bet or won. His money never went down /played with same bet?!?
Comment from : Beci Carrera

Peace Mon!
NICE Win..!! Congratulations..!!👍👍 Why Can't You Answer Ours Questions???? You Don't Understand English?? Or Do We Have To Talk In Your Language??
Comment from : Peace Mon!

carlos aguirre
Who pays for the construction of those luxury casinos?
Comment from : carlos aguirre

Ella Allen
i want to play triple double stars online or downloads for free
Comment from : Ella Allen

Pretty All Day
Question for you... The Pro... do you recommend playing the new slots or older ones like this one? All comments are welcomed... thanks in advance. ❤
Comment from : Pretty All Day

hank hamlin
Pay attention he never loses any money rigged or broken
Comment from : hank hamlin

angela griffin
Your 1 of my favorite that I watch ..your a very lucky person..haters gonna hate .owell you go get all them jackpots...I'm watching you play....good luck my friend keep it up 😀👍👍👍👍
Comment from : angela griffin

So des neh?
Comment from : RickieRickRack

Jim john Trickle
I can only dream about winning on a machine like this yet it's never in the card's for me to do so, good luck is on your side!
Comment from : Jim john Trickle

David Mc
Damn, 47K subscribers. You must be doing something right.
Comment from : David Mc

Leonard Kudrecki
The machine had to be set to payout. It would constantly pay out. The jackpot was no surprise. A casino come on.
Comment from : Leonard Kudrecki

Gaston Cejas
La máquina anda re mal
Comment from : Gaston Cejas

Terri Hess
How much do u spend to get 550 free play
Comment from : Terri Hess

Donna Gibson
Very nice love your videos. You play like I do good luck always
Comment from : Donna Gibson


Comment from : Hokkaidonder

Anna M Blount
Congratulations Great hit!
Comment from : Anna M Blount

Great job Fuji San.
Love your videos. Keep it up

Comment from : HotShot_SlotPlayer

sharon johnson
either hold your damn camera still or have someone hold it for you
Comment from : sharon johnson

Daisy R
I usually win when I pay on credit from the casino too! Way to go!
Comment from : Daisy R

Lisa LaFreniere
What casino do you play at? Is this in Pas Vegas? Best of luck.
Comment from : Lisa LaFreniere

Araceli Campos
Putas makinas ladronas las tiene programadas los duenos del casinos bolas de ratas ke son
Comment from : Araceli Campos

Nancy’s Nibbles
Comment from : Nancy’s Nibbles

Prentis Goodwin
No way to lose the machine keeps letting you win your money back on every spin
Comment from : Prentis Goodwin

This is hella fake. The credits never goes down when she loses.
Comment from : TheBagBalm

Eddir Walker
in the whole time I have been on those slot I have never hit triple double triple
Comment from : Eddir Walker

Good win and I enjoy the old school slots as well!
Comment from : SeptiaWoman

happytobealive lulu
That's a damn good machine.
Comment from : happytobealive lulu

Elmer Nordsven
Comment from : Elmer Nordsven

Ren Ren
If you kept on playing like for another hour you'll have $0 it happened to me.
Comment from : Ren Ren

Todd Sheldon
Just trying to catch up on watching your videos and love them all!!!
Comment from : Todd Sheldon

Marianne Yetto
what is free play?
Comment from : Marianne Yetto

Godsaysdepartfromme I never knew you!
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3days of darkness rev 6seal after that bride harvest last ppl for rapture. Ppl having visions and dreams of Yahushua Jesus coming rapture rfid chips fema camps and hell acts 2:17. Find on YouTube.

Yahushua ha mashiach Jesus says I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the Father but by me.must have one on one relationship with God that's why you created for.

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You know by their fruits profits off God donation selling PayPal etc, Illuminati freemason devil hand signs eye pyrmaid alien logos etc, changing God word kjv Bible or ten commandments, false revivals false salvation false Jesus teaching just believing even devil believes saved always saved abc etc, race, add or take away God his word kjv fit their agendas into man thinking. They wolves in Sheep Clothing Jezebel rev 2:10-30 lovers of money then of God . Most Christians shows and churches are also 501c3 tax exemption non profits. Let no man deceive you. Demons deceiving ppl,demon shapeshifters, false blue beam rapture, Idolatry, hell is real, pagan devil holidays Deut chapter 28 on You tube.

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Comment from : Godsaysdepartfromme I never knew you!

Lorna Carlock
Congrats! How long do u stay at a machine that’s not paying?
Comment from : Lorna Carlock

christopher jones
What is free play?
Comment from : christopher jones

Ken Clough
Awesome job... whoop whoop...great win.
Comment from : Ken Clough

Lori B
It took 14 min to hit.
Comment from : Lori B

Judith Curran
Need to talk a little, love that you won!
Comment from : Judith Curran

2500 for that is way too little. 10000 is okay
Comment from : Victor

Ray Burton
Comment from : Ray Burton

A Willis
Comment from : A Willis

Jenn Williams
That machine was hot from the start. Congrats
Comment from : Jenn Williams

Scott Na
여러가지 머신이 각가지의 잭팟이 터지는것이 재미있네요.
Comment from : Scott Na

Ivelisse Edwards
Where are you playing at?
Comment from : Ivelisse Edwards

Marvin Morpheus
This is all staged by the casino to make you all to come in. This dude works for the casino.
Comment from : Marvin Morpheus

This is very therapeutic for me. Thank you for uploading lol 😂 I love playing but with my work schedule & of course the money, I can’t always play but I won big at Viejas Casino last Saturday from a $3 machine. My total winnings was $2500. Until I can go again, I’ll just keep watching your videos. Lol! Good luck 👍🍀
Comment from : Merian_D

Tengku Hanif
Comment from : Tengku Hanif

Tengku Hanif
Comment from : Tengku Hanif

How do you get "free play"? I see everyone get these free plays like it refills your bet for you even when you lose
Comment from : blastwaves34

Noelio Emerald-Isle
What casino was this at?.....hard to find triple diamond machines or Blazing 7s
Comment from : Noelio Emerald-Isle

Minnie Smiley
Put. Go UK
Comment from : Minnie Smiley

Many years ago in Wendover, NV at the Rainbow Casino I was playing double diamond slots and won $400.00. That's the largest payout I ever won and was fun.
Comment from : fire5479

Tyrelle Mattison
Why the machine stay on $270 they what they doing. $270 should have been down by now.
Comment from : Tyrelle Mattison

Comment from : xanadujohn79

That was a very friendly machine
Comment from : nighthawk0077

Husker Bowden
Thumbs down, click bait, leads you to believe something that didn't happen, sucker you into the ads
Comment from : Husker Bowden

slot machine luv
Comment from : slot machine luv

Robert Erickson
Can I put you and your camera in my pocket the next time I go to the casino? 😁
Comment from : Robert Erickson

willard schoeffling
Good machine !
Comment from : willard schoeffling

Trevor Graham Welch
What Casino in Vegas has the loosest slots. ???
Comment from : Trevor Graham Welch

Wanda Roderick
At casino Arizona you don't hit anything like this it goes around 10 times before it even give you a $2 you never hit anything like this
Comment from : Wanda Roderick

So you had that credit already?
Comment from : Vman

Comment from : IT'S TIME TO ACT

Why does it stay at 269 every spin. This is bs.
Comment from : Ivey3030

Tom Dick
Too blurred to see the amounts.
Comment from : Tom Dick

Shaun Horn
Where do you find these old school machines?
Comment from : Shaun Horn

cool music
what kind of camera are you using ?
Comment from : cool music

How u get so much free play? You must spend thousands!
Comment from : WHB JR

Jimmy KrackKorn
You must gamble a shit ton of cash to get $550 in free play. It would be interesting to see the win/loss statements of these online gamblers.
Comment from : Jimmy KrackKorn

Great hit! Always like these 'classic' slots, still wish they use coins, miss the sound and the feel of coins, putting them in and seeing them come out.
Comment from : ScorpioBornIn69

Comment from : monarca

Ernesto Ayala
Thank. a. million.
Comment from : Ernesto Ayala

Scott T
sorry ... I do not subscribe to channels that are blurry ... you should focus on your focus... makes my eyes go buggy... congrats on your winnings ... if EVER I play ( ever again) I could only hope to win , because I always have LOST , and usually pretty quickly too , and thats not fun ...continusly loosing , so now I can enjoy homelessness and youtubes like this where I at least can enjoy the great out doors while watching someone win <-- not me tho .... Ever... Life sucks and then you suffer greatly before a merciful death <-- which is what I pray for ..I've suffered enough I think???
Comment from : Scott T

Brian Cummings
wow you hit all the thing i only dream of...
Comment from : Brian Cummings

New sub and channel btw...I like watching your videos.

Nice hit. Love hand pays. I hit a huge scratch off that I bought with my slots money. youtu.be/5f2jMrWHEZY

Someguy Yup
25 hundred.
Comment from : Someguy Yup

Billy Sommer
Oh, I see...it adds $3 to available cash.
Comment from : Billy Sommer

Billy Sommer
Why was it taking $3 of earning and free play each spin?
Comment from : Billy Sommer

Sylvia Atkinson
Comment from : Sylvia Atkinson

Jada beard
Congratulations to you ! Was this win in the AM or PM ?
Comment from : Jada beard


Giovanni Guagliata
Never in a 1000 year that's true
Comment from : Giovanni Guagliata

Cheryl Lavigne
Can I play live from home.

Comment from : Cheryl Lavigne

Wish I can see that when I play
Comment from : 외숙모염라대왕

Andy Groth
Super lucky girl!!! Bravo Y-san!
Comment from : Andy Groth

Ojo Felix NM
Comment from : Ojo Felix NM

The new video slots aren't any fun. I guess I should be glad because I was unlucky and now I'm not even tempted to play them anymore.
Comment from : drpackinwood2

It's a Slot Machine
CONGRATS!!!! 🎰😀🎰😀🎰😀
Comment from : It's a Slot Machine

Mountain Man
What is the secret brother? can you please share? we want to know how did you do that! Thank you for your time!
Comment from : Mountain Man

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