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Ancient Architects
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Comment from : Ancient Architects

Irma Nikšić
4.00 video
4. Row
4. Ston
Pull toward the room.
357 books of Enok
2 ston..5. Row
Bosnia langidg..croatie or serb translation..
Izvaditi cetvrti kamen u cetvrtom redu prem sebi. Ne treba snaga jer je on uzi sa druge strane. Zasarafiti jedan saraf pri dnu ovog malog kamena i povuci prema sebi. Ako se pomjeri onda je lahko jer je tamo uzak. Vidjecete unutra knjige koje je Enok odabrao i tu sakrio.
Ona gornja dva dugacka kamena se ne pomicu jer bi se srusio zid iznad koji taj zid nosi. Nosivi je to zid.
Tu ima 357 knjiga a ukupno ih je tu 370 . Ostatak knjiga je na drugom zidu. Najgornji red . Tamni kamen.
Keops se jos zove Enok i Saurid. Dosao iz sazv. LAV.
Nalazi se trenutno u brodu u obliku piramide..spustao se na Kfren piramidu nedavno. Ima taj video na netu.

Comment from : Irma Nikšić

Ross Mccully
Am restarting your series haha
Comment from : Ross Mccully

the extra chambers are very plausibe and seems logical. but a watering and resonation machine for crops, thats going a bit to far based on the existance of two extra chambers? The most plausible explenation is that it is used for the kings things to use in the afterlife, which makes sense. and in sientific work the hypothesis that is most plausible is "right" uintil proven wrong. it may be false but its our best estimation of the truth uintil a better one can be proven.
The hypotheses being; 1: the pyramids are a structure buildt to serve as a tomb. and the conflicting hypothesis that sientists will have to find evidence for is 2: the pyramids are not buildt to serve as a tomb. if there is clear evidence that it cant be a tomb then a new hypothesis will have to be established and tested out, like; was it a watering machine? was it a astrology tower? etc. then finding evidence for different things would strengthen or weaken different hypotheseses uintil one is the strongest as in the most plausible explenation. sience is saying this seems to be the truth, and is never saying: "this is true, now lets move on to the next thing and forget about egypt!" that would be an idiotic conclution.
Just to be clear, speculation is totally fine, but its just that, speculation.
how likely is it that the pyramid is a watering facilitation and how likely is it that it is a tomb? think about that for two seconds.

Comment from : Stein

John Walker
Does anyone know about additional reference to Colonel Howard Vyse and Nathaniel Davison, how much granite beams build the floor of 5 chambers. The drawings from Vyse and Davison show that following numbers: Davison's Chamber (9 Beams), Wellington's Chamber (8 Beams), Nelson's Chamber (9 Beams), Lady Arbuthnot's Chamber (9 Beams), Champbell's Chamber (8 Beams). Vyse is desputed. so a different reference would be helpful maybe visitors of the chambers this days.
Comment from : John Walker

Ash Richards
I have developed a natural dislike for zahi hawass
Comment from : Ash Richards

Paul Kelly
Non load bearing in a pressurized chamber. Pressure relief mechanism.
Comment from : Paul Kelly

make a video about Agartha and it's entrances please!!
Comment from : الفرعون

Ivo Rocha
Finally a interesting video about the pyramid!
Comment from : Ivo Rocha

paul wareham
In Egypt from tomorrow, looking forward to looking at these points raised. Looking for other things to look for....anyone have any ideas?
Comment from : paul wareham

Mal Crow
The lost block was pushed into place from the inside? Then who rubbed in the mortar joints on the facing side of Houdin's secret entry/exit block. Or was the poor guy left inside the Kings Chamber to die of starvation.
Comment from : Mal Crow

ivan zanetic
My comment:
Crocodile head, bird head, sheep head...on human body. There are plenty of drawings and carvings like that in the walls of archeological sites in Egypt.
If the Egyptologist are wrong about the history of the pyramids, then they are probably wrong about the meaning of this carvings. Maybe this is simply what they looked like. They are not any gods as the egyptologist mentionned, but just the representation of there appearence ?
you will see some here:

Comment from : ivan zanetic

Pockets MacCartney
This is an interesting channel: youtu.be/SAkxkEAiato
Comment from : Pockets MacCartney

JPaul C
3:37 Plot twist: he checked his credit card statement and found that a transaction had gone through
Comment from : JPaul C

Y**** M
Probably proves the pyramids wernt built by eguptians at all.
Comment from : Y**** M

Egypt covers it up because the truth (hidden behind that door) would sever the belief that Egyptians built the great pyramid. Let's face it, modern Egypt LOVE to perpetuate the idea that they were the most incredible builders the world has ever known.

But we know everything after great pyramid was a poor copy. If they open that door to public view it would prove that it wasn't Egyptians but another ethnic population that built the great pyramid. My two cents

Comment from : 1982matthewtaylor

Your brain is full of shit lol.
This is khufu s tomb nothing else.

Comment from : Kyodaikuma

Tjockis Leif
It was a powerplant.
Comment from : Tjockis Leif

The Nightmare Before you
I’m so glad you day I cld be wrong or right. That is how scientists work.
Comment from : The Nightmare Before you

todd prifogle
What is the purpose of the secrecy what could they have found that they don't think they can allow the public to know ?come on man hook it up. Do you know anything ? I'm going to unsub dude I've heard it all so if you do have something anything hook it up now. Or I'm done.
Comment from : todd prifogle

Crazy Russian Bot
I think most Egyptian "archeologists" are actual "graverobbers" handing exclusive finds to their masters, whoever they may be.
Comment from : Crazy Russian Bot

jessica kiefer
That tunnel you mention is not recent.....An Englishman dug it trying to find where the shafts went and today, it holds all the electrical and anti-humidity equipment. I think his name was Vice??? Can't remember......We used to learn about it in school but, I'm old so.....there's that. LOL
Comment from : jessica kiefer

Bas Petersen
The piramid was not an tomb but an machine that could boost the plants and thier growth
Comment from : Bas Petersen

Yours Truely
If they really found something proving it to be a kings burial place the would have screemed it out all over the place. They know it's not.
Comment from : Yours Truely

Stu Glenn
There may well be more secrets to the Giza pyramids, but you really should stop with the kook stuff like they were used as water pumps or electrical generators.
Comment from : Stu Glenn

Huh Bub
Since the pressurized gas was used to generate the piezoelectricity inside the granite boxes, they were often damaged by explosive forces. Especially in the corner. This also explains why the kings chamber has blown out 1".

One aspect of this theory that has puzzled me is that some Sarcophagi (like Giza) have no methods of replacing one of their main power sources. They also would need access to add more chemicals and likely not "bulls" this time around.

This "secret door" is of perfect size to slide one old granite box out, and one new granite box in. You suggested they brought it in.. I suggest they used it regularly. Perhaps with instructions on process in next room. Saqqara also must have used a lot of anti-gravity stuff.

If granite boxes were known to explode. They would be foolish to not have a method of replacing it easily.

"This means that if you were to trace the height and direction of this passageway to the exterior of the pyramid. You may find another new door"... or a passage to the interior ramp" - Wayne Hilborn (me). There must be a door to the outside at least big enough for a sarcophagus. In every pyramid with granite generators. At least Giza didn't need cow fuel... only a tiny 4 ton box... Saqqara needed many more due to poor quality pyramid.

The tiny quartz in your gas barbecue starter produces a PIEZO bolt of lightning strong enough to light your gas barbecue. This energy must have been enormous. That was Mississipi University theory.

I add that the silver liquid found in ancient glass jars was mercury lamps lit by Tesla style free energy (Pyramids were akin to Wardenclyyfe). I suggest the spheres on hats in hieroglyphs of gods and bulls were simply light bulbs.. designed to light passages and impress natives.. Think of Egypt with Las Vegas Neon Lighting. I suggest this also made snakes =energy in hieroglyphs..

But yeah... This door is a tight squeeze for a huge granite (mostly quartz) box.. and that gives us even another clue at how little space was required for anti-gravity.. If-if--id I am right about this being easy replacement access for such a box. - Wayne Hilborn.

Michael Tellinger also has a lot of good additions about "Macroprocessing". Tight walls were akin to wiring, etc.

Comment from : Huh Bub

Misti L Willing.
Tapping into goods, tapping into life. God's water electricity elohim elluminate elements its not something to do with sound harvesting electrons threw air. Maybe a cell of pure knowledge of a cell with a nucleus energizing water because + and - and the holy spirit. The ark is the heart the spirit? The "vents" are the other two poler opposites to the sides if its position is only off by what 3 or 4 degrees? Was it some how using alllllll the natural elements outside ourselfs.. To return to ourselfs. Hummm? Don't want to let the knowledge go to the rest of the race other wise the power will collapse trust will be lost and maybe it was a structed monarchy for the higher extraterrestrial kingdom beyond our comprahetion and where so far down at the bottom along with the knowledge that was meant to be givin to us as well. to the point some of us don't even believe the government is controlling us. We so far down that the only spiritual primal tool we got. Coz we are in flesh and hexed. The answers we got are in the starts and traveling body's gods. That we are a reflection of our mirco organizems work just like how the laws that given us even man made is identical to how universes works we are in his image. It is us. We are one. We are all the pyramid.
Comment from : Misti L Willing.

Misti L Willing.
Probably what the Vatican is also hiding.
Comment from : Misti L Willing.

Intelligent and ballsy, great job :-)
Comment from : apollion888

Simon Taylor
very good video Matt . if you , Charles Kos and the Observation Deck worked together ,you will achieve even greater things :)
Comment from : Simon Taylor

Amp Amp
The Egyptians told the Greeks that the pyramids were built by those who came before.
Comment from : Amp Amp

Cement concrete duh
Comment from : gnosticnihilist

Pyramids are cave temples for ritual initiation into the brotherhood of the snake serpent dragon. Death and rebirth ritual for knowledge of the afterlife and your soul
Comment from : gnosticnihilist

neil hyde
Comment from : neil hyde

Ross Payne
Thanks so much for your work.
Comment from : Ross Payne

Ross Payne
Surely its already been moved and explored and put back. Surely someone knows whats behind it or WAS behind it and knows what was in this large void cos they have it already.
Comment from : Ross Payne

Good Krypollo
They probably found something that proves Christianity that's why they don't want to reveal it because Egypt is Muslim
Comment from : Good Krypollo

Gil Pou
Let someone that has the DNA of Khufu to go and investigate.questions need answers mysteries need solving if that's where we all came from at one point in time well why not research more into our origins how long we going to keep speculating and assuming when it looks like still to this day we don't know nothing on something we built earlier in our sands of time👑🌍🔍💯
Comment from : Gil Pou

Peter Moygannon
exactly they found something that screws there B.S. therys..can't have that be known
Comment from : Peter Moygannon

lynn bond
Y keep blaming that man anyone who works know there is someone higher than u that tells U wat to do and say get the f outa here with that mess plus we already know the people who resides there today r not the same people cause they would b taking more offense of explorers coming and going trampling in on their ancestors....🤔
Comment from : lynn bond

Jose Luis Zahu
Comment from : Jose Luis Zahu

Comment from : decipherx1

luis bito
machine big energies, the egiptologies person creat character no real existence in the Piramide
Comment from : luis bito

Carlos Amecos
Shame on Hawass...

Comment from : Carlos Amecos

Monte Bank
Why don't the wall inscriptions indicate the ELF operation, use, theroy, building?
Comment from : Monte Bank

Johnny Eclectic
If they have entered those chambers and possibly destroyed everything in there, what is it? Has Egyptology become so dogmatic and insane that people would destroy the important history of humanity to preserve the integrity of their tourist gift shop range? That seems too insane. The deliberate destruction of pagan artifacts by Islam seems more likely the story behind the extreme and destructive way the Egyptologists behave.

The same people who ripped off and destroyed the inscribed facing stones are the people currently left in charge. The same people who have spent 1500 years destroying historical sites all over the world and only seeing their value if they can be turned into revenue for the tourist industry. That is who is left to care for human history.

Comment from : Johnny Eclectic

I have been to Egypt and the Pryaminds. There is much that The Grand Puba is hiding and we will never know. Perception is it all about tourism and "BOBBLE " shopping.
Comment from : Joe ALCAMO

troy dalpiaz
God,aliens,every good person on da planet meeting up at the one spot to take it out of those evil few hands,A fucking miracle.then all will know.
Comment from : troy dalpiaz

troy dalpiaz
The problem is.and there is only one.and here it is.let me spell it out for u.[there is nothing u or i or anyone anybody anything can be done about it change it.THEY will know and have it all.its to late .they won.THE END.
Comment from : troy dalpiaz

troy dalpiaz
If it was aliens they want the tech.if it was humans with greater tech then we have now they want it.if its just a tomb n the empty chamber is a throw of they want the spot were the stuff is really at..1st prize tech is their hope,gold a 2nd prize.same applys for the vally.if the pyramid at the present is all their is a marvel in stone/what u see is what you get and nothing more thats theirs too.its whats its been all about back then now future.get it in ya head.
Comment from : troy dalpiaz

troy dalpiaz
The army is in charge.and that means fuck the people.
Comment from : troy dalpiaz

troy dalpiaz
U are way off.Experts are u fucking kidding.kufoo from a little figurine.that was made or just found in the dessert.are u so dumb.[the story of the pyramid,the stuff in it is supposed to be now not saying back at the start but now is for the world,but like anything that important and powerful n priceless is ganna go the few.the evil greedy lieing few]
Comment from : troy dalpiaz

troy dalpiaz
U IDIOT..sorry.they wont alow it wile you or others around.
Comment from : troy dalpiaz

Bunny Pickles A global cover up for more than decades has, to be A Free Power Source, what else could be so huge. As for Zahi Haw Ass! Another good video!
Comment from : Bunny

Jeremy Kirkpatrick
How can it be secret and hidden if we know its there .............................unless it isn't there
Comment from : Jeremy Kirkpatrick

Why is the King's Chamber so big, compared to the Tomb? Was it full of grave goods?
Comment from : geezzerboy

Ah, so Mr. Hawass has allready looted the antechambers?
Comment from : Pukki34

The Silver Load
It’s such bullshit that they hide what’s going on and hiding history
Comment from : The Silver Load

John Matsson
An agricultural machine? Right...
Comment from : John Matsson

olcay umut vural
Boriska Kipriyanovich, who said that he lived in Mars in his previous life, "When the Great Sphinx in Giza opens, the life of the whole humanity will change. I do not remember the exact location; There is an opening mechanism behind the ear somewhere, "he said.
Secret chamber video

Comment from : olcay umut vural

Comment from : LAUGHING BUDDHA

Clint Billton
What would be the reason to hide anything. If they found a 100.000 years old (non) human skellton with a functional timemachine, Egypt would be the new Superpower!! ...(Ehum, did I perhaps answered my own question? ;) .. Thot/Thor knows, right? :) Ps. Good work narrating this one. Ds.
Comment from : Clint Billton

waqar umer
These Pyramids build by some other kind of creature not human beings, actually they still can't. Dnt make your mind like a pressure cooker.
Comment from : waqar umer

James Kerwin
You suck Mark !
Comment from : James Kerwin

Just like there’s no evidence for it being a tomb
There’s definitely no evidence for it being a machine to pump water

Comment from : frox3nxxintime

Joe Maldonado
Many people believe Hawasss has already entered the hidden antichambers and looted them. And obviously the scoundrel is avoiding anybody else to go inside, because then they would see the place has just been ransacked. Maybe he even sold part of the treasure and kept its most valuable pieces for himself... Maybe the ONU should ask for his house to be raided in search of the treasure. Maybe... Grrrrrrr!
Comment from : Joe Maldonado

Rob Sommars
Laws of physics need not apply. Just like walking on water....
Comment from : Rob Sommars

Ahaaa !
Comment from : D90Girl

Michal S
Sometimes is better to wait. When Hawas die Egyptology will become existing again.
Comment from : Michal S

for such a great building, the burial chamber does look pretty dull.
Comment from : vydenis

Richard Redner
There has to be people that have gone through those mesh doors and recorded it in the pyramid. Its not like its a vault door. And its probably left unlocked some of the time.
Comment from : Richard Redner

3ds max
We wuz kangz and shit.......but we didn't build this either.................
Comment from : 3ds max

frank sigwart
it's a  tool
Comment from : frank sigwart

Greg Mallitt
probably found a stargate
Comment from : Greg Mallitt

Stuart Watson
Quality vid geeza!!!
Comment from : Stuart Watson

First Munch
It ain't a tomb so just ignore ,dnt take anything from this bull ,
Comment from : First Munch

Chris Kelly
Ive watched most of your videos over and over. This is the first one I watched and reignited my interest in this subject.
Comment from : Chris Kelly

Gudmundur Rafn Geirdal Bragason
It was clever of that French architect to detect the cracks in that lowest yellow stone, to reveal that he could stick his credit card at the side of that lower blue stone.
Comment from : Gudmundur Rafn Geirdal Bragason

Karl Stonetwisted
@ Zahi Hawass, “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.” (F.Zappa)
Comment from : Karl Stonetwisted

fast AiR
theres another passage below the emtpy sarcophagus, obviously. And no one thought to even look, they just see an empty box they cant move. The box was always empty to give the impression others had been there before
Comment from : fast AiR

gr fba
How do you suppose that a pyramid pumps water? And, given the work needed to construct a pyramid, do you think that is most efficient way to pump that water? And, why would someone seek to disguise a giant water pump as a tomb?
Comment from : gr fba

Jason Durkee
I think the pyramids all over the planet aided in the possible taraforming project that shaped the future of the planet. Explains how Egypt at one time was a rain forest
Comment from : Jason Durkee

Jon jonsson
Why do all strange people believe that it would be a machine.. please take a course in basic mechanics . Yes it is old and yes they may have disclosed findings, and the door entrance is plausible..but it does not mean they posessed anything unknown and nor that the law of physics would be possible to break witha bit of sandstone.
Comment from : Jon jonsson

kevin clsyton
Love this channel.you have it spot on mate.put it all together and there's only one ANSWER there's an anti chambers there..it's ov
Comment from : kevin clsyton

RST Sport
Hermes was creator and designer of the giza pyramids.
Comment from : RST Sport

Very good Mat
Comment from : peterbarker56

Sr. Skeleto
in the now i know video "if you dont pay me 50 000 000 dollars" i think he wanted to reveal whats inside
Comment from : Sr. Skeleto

jason Swift
Is Hawas still the Head of Egyptian Archeology? I thought he was removed.
Comment from : jason Swift

Abel Gil
The Pyramids are 250.000 years old, and they have nothing, aber really nothing to do with agriculture or electricity, or signal to outer space, whatsoever. They were spiritual Initiation- powerplant for the adepts, or humans pupils who had reached the required level of consciousness and spiritual development. (rosicrucian Philosophy). The masters or guides were demigods, the Nether- Spiritual beings of very very high spiritual knowledege and development.
Comment from : Abel Gil

Sepher Agon
U right, they did secretly excavate, there is no other reason!
Comment from : Sepher Agon

wonderful book : Bible Came From Arabia
Comment from : A MG

Chris Barker
As long as Egypt is controlled by Muslim law no one will ever know what's inside the pyramids. Because it will go into the face of all religions once it's contents come to light. Unless they destroy every they have found. Which I doubt. But it's probably under a very big lock and key.
Comment from : Chris Barker

Cesar Advincula
i suspect hawass and the egyptian government has already secretely explored these chambers. they will not allow explorations anymore because this would reveal that they have already done so without the knowledge of all achaelogists itching for its exploration...except hawass course!!! i wonder where hawass has stashed all the wealth he has accumulated as supreme antiquity minister? you only need to look at his face and know that this person cannot be trusted
Comment from : Cesar Advincula

Sergio Specalsiki
it is not a freaking water pump.... stop with this bs idea.
it's a Tomb.
it's a resting place for a king.

Comment from : Sergio Specalsiki

The "crude padlocked door" in the antechamber is to allow access for a modern ventilation system that they installed that joins to the "Northern King's Chamber Air Shaft" so air can get in for the tourists.
Comment from : AndyPutt1

The missing block is down in one of the holes in the floor made by explorers and treasure hunters.
Comment from : AndyPutt1

Cooper Cooper
That’s just as good if not better than all other theories
Comment from : Cooper Cooper

Jared King
If your theory is correct then I would suspect that the sphinx was the first of the water pumps..... with the evident water damage, the tails of it being surrounded by water, the access in the head and tunnels running beneath. Not to mention the resculpting works.
Comment from : Jared King

Nice video, and interesting. This chamber and coffer are most extensively surveyed and documented since 1646. There were several
easier ways to place a coffer in here without recourse to yet another passage system. Cracks between stones, for Houdin's credit card,
resulted from earthquake damage as confirmed in the ceiling (much worse), and Petrie's remarks. The lowest course blocks all extend
somewhat below apparent floor level. But I wish all the treasure hunters great luck anyway. Hidden math is the likely discovery here.

Comment from : BarNuun

Tonya Lewis
Wow!!! Amazing!!! 😇🙏😇
Comment from : Tonya Lewis

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