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Definitely mesmerizing! Lovely.
Comment from : 774892

Gacha WoLfIeS
Comment from : Gacha WoLfIeS

Gacha WoLfIeS
Shes better than danielle Cohn omg
Comment from : Gacha WoLfIeS

Gacha WoLfIeS
This hypnotise me into ordering 50 chicken nuggets from McDonald's and now I'm overweight thank you just kidding I'm 10 years old and I'm a mistake okay by stranger
Comment from : Gacha WoLfIeS

Charles Sethy
أنا آسف لندع الإسكندرية تعيش في البرازيل لفترة من الوقت. يجب أن أعود في أقرب وقت ممكن لرؤية هؤلاء النساء الجميلات اللائي كن رائعات لرؤيتهن عن قرب. سيدة قبلة جميلة

I'm sorry to let Alexandria live in Brazil for a while. I have to come back as soon as possible to see these beautiful women who were great to see them up close. A beautiful kiss lady.

Charles Sethy here.😘

Comment from : Charles Sethy

Luciano Allevi
She is a queen ... a goddess ... a butterfly blowing on golden petals ... a nymph caressing the foliage of trees ... or a wonderful body that dancing gently draws space?
Comment from : Luciano Allevi

Vanessa Martins de Souza
Absolutely fabulous.Breathtaking!!!
Comment from : Vanessa Martins de Souza

Michelle Ann Terry
This is what they meant by "poetry in motion". She is the best!
Comment from : Michelle Ann Terry

I have looked for this video for years oh my gosh
Comment from : hailey

James G
Majestic, ancient art form. Nice show, getting Isis vibes with the wings (as is everyone else), and I sort of have an obsession with Isis and Kleopatra so that scores extra points with me there. 😍
Comment from : James G

Este si es belly dance, sin tanta pirueta de circo, está si trasmite el majestuoso belly dance de antaño!!!
Comment from : caprikay

lee Hiw
Someone never heard this music and it feels home
Comment from : lee Hiw

lee Hiw
People tell me im half yemani
Comment from : lee Hiw

lee Hiw
I never been to egyp but the music calls me out
Comment from : lee Hiw

Rosa Helena
Comment from : Rosa Helena

shinahr chan
In German we say Kitsch.
Comment from : shinahr chan

Linda Benna
Comment from : Linda Benna

Christina Woodard
This is absolutely awesome. Sexy! Sexy! Sexy!
Comment from : Christina Woodard

Maruvada Arun
Loved it baby!! I'll definitely enjoy kissing every inch of your body parts if u dance in my bedroom like this! Come on Alia! Let's have fun!! I'm so tired of working everyday in my office. I want a beauty like u in my bedroom to relax in the evenings! Please come to me after wearing a good perfume in your armpits, hair n belly so that I can smell them every minute while having fun with u! Really loved ur dance baby!! U r such an adorable beauty! I'm so impressed with your curves that I just feel like holding ur waist n kissing your belly thoroughly!! U r my dream girl Alia!! U make me wet in my pants every night. Such a naughty girl u r!! Plz marry me Alia. I'll take u on a world tour for our honeymoon!! Let's rock n have fun with booze in pools!
Comment from : Maruvada Arun

Sandhya singh
I come here often..i am mesmarized
Comment from : Sandhya singh

Asthar ***
Gorgeous. Art
Comment from : Asthar ***

Dilma Dorta
Comment from : Dilma Dorta

Milady De Winter
Absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Watch it to dance along to.
The Queen of the Nile.

Comment from : Milady De Winter

Yonit Lifshitz
I'm hooked
Comment from : Yonit Lifshitz

Rholala!!!!! Qu'est ce qu'elle danse bien!!!!!! Cela doit'faire 10 fois que je regarde cette vidéo! !!! Et je sais de quoi je parle, je danse oriental aussi!
C'est une très très belle performance! !!!

Comment from : Phoenix

Juliet John
Absolutely the best , her hips don’t lie .
Comment from : Juliet John

ms c
Alia this is breathtaking. Such passion and emotion in your dancing .And your technique is spot on. Costume and make up wonderful. Amazing job. Great tribute to the Queen of the Nile......May the Goddess Isis bless you now and always beloved. xoxoxox
Comment from : ms c

Gorgeous dancer ever exist
Comment from : BurunGarang

Rosa Sepúlveda
Comment from : Rosa Sepúlveda

Lina Sánchez
Hermoso, impecable ,muy bien.
Comment from : Lina Sánchez

Angela Vergel
Comment from : Angela Vergel

Chris Sturtevant
BOOTIIIFFFUULLL that hiptonizing
Comment from : Chris Sturtevant

Anita D. Nasim
Beautiful and an extraordinary dancer, best belly dance I've ever seen👌
Comment from : Anita D. Nasim

faridah anisah
i like this ,,
i love you alia..
beautiful you are..

Comment from : faridah anisah

Jason Miller
WOW! Unbelievably excellent dancer!
Comment from : Jason Miller

Rajib Sheikh
💖Best💖 Dance💖
Comment from : Rajib Sheikh

Umbra Fusion Dance
So beautiful!
Comment from : Umbra Fusion Dance

Janice Van Zant
Beautiful dance.
Comment from : Janice Van Zant

Dalia Yale
¡que buena coordinación de su cuerpo!, me asombra que esta bailarina dance muy bien. Felicitaciones y bendiciones.
Comment from : Dalia Yale

Terezinha Stolle
Comment from : Terezinha Stolle

Georgianne Messina
Absolutely fabulous, classy,
Comment from : Georgianne Messina

Where can I get that custom?
Comment from : Zaneika

Jackie Ayya
Amazing beautiful sexy 👍❤️❤️❤️❤️🇨🇴
Comment from : Jackie Ayya

Eashat Filastine عاشت فلسطين
MARAVILHOSO.............. youtu.be/Lfdlw3Nbu2o
Comment from : Eashat Filastine عاشت فلسطين

Leah Trickett
i wonder how many times she farted during this dance
Comment from : Leah Trickett

Samantha Perturia
Comment from : Samantha Perturia

for real
Comment from : for real

Roaly Moore
Absolutely gorgeous
Comment from : Roaly Moore

Olga Rebman
Comment from : Olga Rebman

Alex Star
Not 720P
Comment from : Alex Star

Sheena Hewitt
Dancing at its best, sit back relax enjoy
Comment from : Sheena Hewitt

Dancer Persuade with HER beautiful Curves, Vitamin A to Z are all included... Everybody likes it... No complain about that.... But please do not kill the people. Make the people HAPPY... It is suitable for the HUMAN_WORLD M M M
Comment from : MYO MYINT Min

Marilyn L
Ohhhhh es maravillosa.
Comment from : Marilyn L

Alma Arquero
Wow! The belly dancing I've seen so far!
Comment from : Alma Arquero

gracie Rodriguez
who else thinks so?
Comment from : gracie Rodriguez

gracie Rodriguez
this is amazing she did great!
Comment from : gracie Rodriguez

gracie Rodriguez
she did an amazing job!
Comment from : gracie Rodriguez

gracie Rodriguez
I'm African Egyptian and I belly dance! love you my country Egypt!
Comment from : gracie Rodriguez

Wow! The best!
Comment from : Lorri

canera is faraway of dancer and i can,t see dancer well .😡
Comment from : H M

lexy mariposa
bailar  como  bailas es arte  hermoso hermoso
Comment from : lexy mariposa

Willy Nilly
I have heard that proper in belly dancing the dancer is not to touch any part of her body as it would be crude or not becoming but in saying so she's is beautiful and elegant
Comment from : Willy Nilly

Selva Pereira
Perfect beauty!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Selva Pereira

Comment from : Estancieiro

If god watches everything 24/7, he's watching this vid right now. What is Jesus doing? What's the Holy Spirit doing??? What is GOD DOING??? WHAT ARE THEY DOING???
Comment from : TruthSurge

Ks Y
there is something very odd about this whole set...
Comment from : Ks Y

Lee Rdee
P.S. Fabulous!
Comment from : Lee Rdee

Lee Rdee
This made me smile. Put in my favorites for exercise, but the best was her smile which made me smile. Thanks for sharing this video.
Comment from : Lee Rdee

Mona X
Comment from : Mona X

Comment from : ezrabrooks12

bald guy in checkered shirt would rather be at a monster truck show...
Comment from : kathberry8

Mayra N.
Very very very beautiful! :) I love it
Comment from : Mayra N.

Selma Maria Chaves
Amei o vídeo. Parabéns!
Comment from : Selma Maria Chaves

Luz Interior Espiritual
Comment from : Luz Interior Espiritual

i fell in love. i like the way she moves.
Comment from : skeedledoo

Meghan Kim
How amazing is this video? Well, I just decided to learn belly dance after watching it.
Comment from : Meghan Kim

sindy Mazzini
muito bom eeeeeeeeeeeeee rararara
Comment from : sindy Mazzini

María B.E.
Wow •  • Estoy hipnotizada


Comment from : María B.E.

Great job and so beautiful!
Comment from : BARTETMEDIA

Elizabeth Sharma
girl on fire you're not fat you can be dancer i have seen big african women belly dancing I'm talking 300 or more pounds and they belly dance
Comment from : Elizabeth Sharma

Comment from : jasminmaria2

Alexandra Smith
Grace and beauty-enjoy, my friends!
Comment from : Alexandra Smith

Dylan Kelly
Does anyone know what that first song was?
Comment from : Dylan Kelly

Shondale Galindo
I must learn this for my husband. She's amazing.
Comment from : Shondale Galindo

She is so beautiful best belly dancing ever seen!
Comment from : MsDdsdf

Yali y punto
Me encantó el baile!
Comment from : Yali y punto

Hathor Ra
got me goosebumps! real woman, real dancer! will watch this thousand times and more!!!!
Comment from : Hathor Ra

Beautiful !
Comment from : yoky25

Cynthia Merrill
Love everything about this. Very Awesome :)
Comment from : Cynthia Merrill

Hefizba Beula
Beauuuuuutiful music
Comment from : Hefizba Beula

beautiful and wonderful dance 👏👍🌻🌼🌲🌹.
Comment from : ANASOL M

babi tears
well.. I couldn't let my eyes of her..
Comment from : babi tears

Mohamed Sanchez
como se llama la cancion
Comment from : Mohamed Sanchez

Patito10 Cardozo
Excelente! Sensualidad
Comment from : Patito10 Cardozo

Queen of Darkness
Comment from : Queen of Darkness

This girl is the best I've seen so far online. Alia has an exceptional foundation and attachment to the music and rhythm. She does not over exaggerate her moves like some to the point of almost mocking this ancient dance like many of the so called " best dancers". Alia grasps and demonstrates the sensual aspect of belly dancing, she dances with class and a hint of mystery. She forgoes or perhaps surpasses those advertised as "the best" who's dance is so provocative the only thing missing from their routine is a pole. While some others focus is so fixed on technique their dance is unemotional, nearly robotic. The problem being the essence of belly dancing has completely eluded them.

Alia's dance is reminiscent of a romance that has survived and thrived through the ages. One of kings and queens, masters and slaves, man and woman; knowing a love so raw and true it breaks otherwise rules of rank and privilege, perhaps like in the movie " Pretty Woman" or is it the love mankind (and a cockatoo named Snowball (TM) ) has/ had with music and the need to move to it as soon as we hear a beat we know and like.

Irregardless of stirred emotions and thoughts watching Alia belly dance is truly a beautiful moment. BRAVO ALIA .. Thank you to the video up loader for sharing this video. Blessings to you for Ontario, Canada

Comment from : ExpandMyLife

Beautiful, truly enjoyable performance.
Comment from : Marco

true bellydancing, so beautiful to see. it seems to have been overtaken by fusion and tribal styles which are wonderful but very modern. this kind of dancing is thousands of years old, can almost smell the Nile!
Comment from : puggilove

Amazing, she's a Goddess!!! 😍😍😍
Comment from : lizziprisci

Samara Hourany
Wow you are amazing 😍👍🏽
Comment from : Samara Hourany

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