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Cheers Mate
Robert Bauval’s books on the pyramids are pretty eye opening.
Backed by solid theory and evidence.
Whoever built these pyramids was far far smarter than we give them credit for.
Mathemaitcal geniuses.
Ya, and thats Graham Hancock not Gantenbrink. Again, who’s books on the subject are equally as facinating.
Erich Von Daniken before that. Also who’s books are revolutionary in this field.
Please get your research correct,

Comment from : Cheers Mate

Niw Naes
1:55 that's not Rudolf Gantenbrink,that's Graham Hancock
Comment from : Niw Naes

Tales of Egypt
Subscribe our channel to watch more videos about secrets of ancient Egyptian civilization

Comment from : Tales of Egypt

Mark C
Obvious explanarion for elerrical wires ...corruption . Grease the palm and share the loot !
Comment from : Mark C

Palos Sebastian
those are tools of cia operatives left behind. because they are scared as fuck panicked out of the pyramid
Comment from : Palos Sebastian

Vukasin Stojanovic
i really love Egyptian culture beacuese im Yu-Gi-Oh fan! :)
Comment from : Vukasin Stojanovic

The best part about the whole
mess is that ALL these thieving
lying shtbags that tell us
" Move along , ,. nothing to see here"
Will Soon Be Dead !

Have fun in the abyss you pricks ,
I'll wave on my way by , , ,
" as I return to the stars "

Comment from : TRUE NORTH

the first video of that is made by n0w1know but it got a error inside the shaft
Comment from : AcoolGuyOnYT

I really love the theory of it being an elevator shaft. Look into that theory and come back to me.
Comment from : STALKER - ANONIEM

Philippe Lheureux
the best book www.lulu.com/shop/philippe-lheureux/the-great-pyramid-of-egypt-the-seven-disturbing-truths/paperback/product-23552106.html
Comment from : Philippe Lheureux

zurdo z
the picture posted when Rudolph Gantenbrink was mentioned is not him.
Comment from : zurdo z

ابو العريف
I found a strange stone behind the pyramid. I want to know what it means?

Comment from : ابو العريف

ابو العريف
I found a strange stone behind the pyramid. I want to know what it means?

Comment from : ابو العريف

Im so sick of you white people playing God. He is too smart for you! some things were meant to be left the fuck alone! I UNSUBSCRIBED! GET A REAL LIFE!

Tyrone Koumoundouros
See the documentary
The pyramid code

Comment from : Tyrone Koumoundouros

Tyrone Koumoundouros
We are being lied to what is going on right now in the Giza plateau experiments.
Comment from : Tyrone Koumoundouros

MountianSandHaulers 379
That "square" bar is actually hexagonal and it's a drill steel for a jumbo drill used in the mines.
Comment from : MountianSandHaulers 379

Basketball Juniors
There is no aliens dummies
Comment from : Basketball Juniors

Iron Love
The Piramids are not a grave. They are Tools to make free Energie.
Comment from : Iron Love

baz tait
your a wankker mr brainwash
Comment from : baz tait

Creative Edge
The narrators' voice sounds like from the bright side channel
Comment from : Creative Edge

Bill Fauber
The Sumerian text talk of extraterrestrial visitation, settlements, genetic manipulations and a time before a moon with wars on other planets in our solar system. New explorations and testing methods are showing we the human race are much older than we have be taught and someone is hiding the truth from us. When test results show archaeology samples are shown to be 10,000 years old they are quickly re-identified as no more than 5000 so to fit the narrative of Christian civilization. As with so many other topics we are being manipulated and lied to by our Governments and Academia which fight to protect the current dogma, with little thinking outside the set parameters established by society. How to be break out of the box we've been put in? They say move along, nothing to see here, don't ask questions, follow all the other sheep, just work, pay your taxes and then die like a good little sheep. I'm tired of the lies!!! Anyone else?
Comment from : Bill Fauber

Dead Dave
you sound alot like bright side
Comment from : Dead Dave

So what was the junk in the tunnel at 2:32? Does anybody know? Why show it if you don't know what it is? Bit lame ......
Comment from : erniemajor

zurdo z
bullshit alien crap. The shafts were communication channels used during construction. Nothing more than a way to communicate as done in ships through hollow tubes.
Comment from : zurdo z

Denis Đenis
Its for clean air
Comment from : Denis Đenis

When will people realise they are the shot piece to an ancient giant alien smoking apparatus
This is where the old mans saying comes from "back in my day son"

Comment from : MADDOG 78

BlueJay's Brudda
Why does your voice sound familiar
Comment from : BlueJay's Brudda

Robbie game
pyramids are not tombs
Comment from : Robbie game

Isha Panwar
Pyramids is a time machine..but we don't know how they work..!!!
Comment from : Isha Panwar

Shortymay25 Shortymay25
Pyramid built from the inside
Comment from : Shortymay25 Shortymay25

Sean Hammer
The shafts are a key to the construction. The were what was being built. The pyramid is just a facade around the functioning of the shafts.
Comment from : Sean Hammer

I'm sick of these theories about the pyramids and all the coverups and crap. Zahi Hawass needs a good spanking for his despicable part in it all and us average folk will likely never really know the truth until we die and get to ask the creator ourselves. Oh well time for a cup of tea, at least I'll know what brilliant mind made it and relax in the knowledge that Hawass hasn't got his dirty finger in it.
Comment from : Dragon

Talha AbeeQue
Comment from : Talha AbeeQue

Joe Black
One of the reason to build pyramid was to store pre flood knowledge and history. It is highly probable that the pyramids were submerged in water, cause there been found prove for that on Sphinx.
One thing we can be sure.. Searching job at Giza platou is on, and thers areas where no one can walk or u will see guards with automatic weapon to not let U walk to far. They will hide the truth.

Comment from : Joe Black

1:56 That is Graham Hancock not Gantenbrink.
Comment from : Thestripper

there are the few know everything. and the many who know nothing. there is nothing and no one inbetween the two.
Comment from : AL CY

pieter bezuidenhout
Can you trust an Egyptian ?
Comment from : pieter bezuidenhout

Shaded Zaleph
Well here's a fact: it's not a fucking tomb lol
Comment from : Shaded Zaleph

The purpose of the tunnels is actually quite simple.
When the Pyramids were created, (appx, 20k years ago, and not 5000 as speculated) Egypt was a lush paradise. It Rained on a regular basis.
Their religion had a strong Water aspect. If you look at the angles and where they lead, the water would have filled the chambers. And they believed that Water would help them on their journey to the after life.
But when the impact happened, it shifted the planet. Making Egypt a wasteland of sand and no rain.

Mystery solved.

Comment from : RONALD DIBERTO

Faiz Amirul
Read (Al-quran ) and you will found the Answers
Comment from : Faiz Amirul

Karl Johan Lea
The plot thickens.
Comment from : Karl Johan Lea

saurabh shrigadi
*2:06 hawas door*😂😂
Comment from : saurabh shrigadi

Gesmar Cardoso
Faltou tradução portuguesa
Comment from : Gesmar Cardoso

Are You Bright side, 5 minutes craft?
Comment from : Imabadcats

jack benson
i'm going to spit on the grave of Hawass - that fucking SNAKE
Comment from : jack benson

Mr Nobody
Still trying to stick with that pyramids = tombs bull crap story just changing it up to be aliens instead lol... I'm gonna go with they're performing some kind of experiments possibly reactivating the ancient technology there which is why the machinery is being heard and other evidence of "secret trips"
Comment from : Mr Nobody

Eziekle Crafts
ancient nanotubes
Comment from : Eziekle Crafts

nancy thesimsfan
U want to learn the pyramid secret? Unbuild it from top to bottom. U will see how the ancient people built it. We have heavy duty cranes and computer nowadays. Why not?
Comment from : nancy thesimsfan

British and french stole all the true treasures way before we understood their greatness for future generations.
Comment from : magiccamden

Anne Evans
How, and why??
Comment from : Anne Evans

Peter Ghenzi
The biggest mistery is why so much is hiding to the humans knowledgeable facts . Is it the egoism or ignorance ? In all told humans stories is hiding the truth that we are not alone . All lies started in the middle East with various religions. Sometime I think that the aliens was tired about the primitive actions of humans . Maybe we are just like other intelligent animals in the view point of aliens so they left the direct communication by waiting of better evolution of people on the earth . It would me not surprising if the NASA and others scientific centers know it a long time ago . The other truth is that the teaching in the wordwide schools for science are limited by religions and politics it seems to be like factories of ignorance .
Comment from : Peter Ghenzi

Peggy Hall
Every time I hear 'tomb' in reference to pyramids, I start yawning.
Comment from : Peggy Hall

J Can du
Absolutely these secret societies are discovering things they are not sharing with the public.
Comment from : J Can du

Tyrone Koumoundouros
So the New world order is explore but hiding the truth from us.
Damn them to Hell since they can not handle the truth.

Comment from : Tyrone Koumoundouros

Dylan Wicklund
Free f.u. money book lol that's the ad I got
Comment from : Dylan Wicklund

The shafts were for the ropes that held the blocks, pulley systems. There are other similar ones in the temples close by that were used to lower huge sarcophagus into the ground.
Comment from : 1TheWhiteKnight1

Rudolph Gantenbrink.................proceeds to display a picture of Graham Hancock from the fucking 80's.


Comment from : PhaktTheIsolationist

Kemarat Affeltranger
Its isnt a dead end ther are a catacomb
Comment from : Kemarat Affeltranger

Seth Tyrssen
There is no "burial chamber" and no mummy was ever found there. Look at the walls -- tombs are highly decorated with hieroglyphs, and there's NOTHING here. That's because this was never a tomb, but is in all probability an energy generator, and older than dynastic Egypt at that.
Comment from : Seth Tyrssen

Brian Crabb
There has NEVER been a TOMB found in the great pyramid. I can't believe your spewing this crap. Seriously, do you know why its even related to Khufu? Holy crap, there is NO queens Chamber. NO QUEEN HAS EVER BEEN FOUND IN THE PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will give you $100K if you can show me a mummy that came out of the Great Pyramid!!
Comment from : Brian Crabb

Canaryville Kid
"burials"? "tombs"? what is this the Zawi Hawass bullcrap channel? If someone stole the "treasures" they must have removed all the hieroglyphics from the walls and ceiling that you'd find in any kings tomb. Wish we had such great ways to remove graffiti and how you can make carvings become smooth and disappear. Right.
Comment from : Canaryville Kid

soo what now.... do we revolt?
Comment from : trangstarh

Ive always wondered what amazing things the first looters found.
Comment from : yavin99

Belinda Capps
O ok
Comment from : Belinda Capps

Ilya Byk
The last phrase...killed me
Comment from : Ilya Byk

Read. Erodoto ..... !
Comment from : MARIO DA PORTO

Die Castellano Films
Bright side voice
Comment from : Die Castellano Films

Guardian 2nd Ground Div
Those doors in the vents look remarkably like they may function as valves. I would like to know if the theory has been visited of it being a hydraulic ram air (water) pump. It may have been intended to pump water for a fountain, water wheel, irrigation, plumbing, or even to pump water out before reaching the “King’s chamber” intended as possibly a way he could perhaps survive a global flood threat/scenario.
Comment from : Guardian 2nd Ground Div

How could someone chip chip chip away at something so small out of solid rock. It's got me fucked.

Mulligan Repairs
Anrt them small holes for spirits to escape
Comment from : Mulligan Repairs

jim morgan
Ancient pyramid builders. Avoid costly crane/ ramp making charges and practically impossible transportaion problems by simply chopping up your 500 ton granite block into more manageable 'modern house brick" size thereby leaving more time to draw picture messages or whatever.
Comment from : jim morgan

Oat lord
Be funny if the pyramids were just ancient Egyptian Winchester houses.
Comment from : Oat lord

Charles Keefer
Kisses Everything, hugs humanities. Rec. Vertical, circle revolution.
Comment from : Charles Keefer

Did I just hear right? WTF is an "ancient alien specialist"? ......Do they work in the same department as the unicorn trainers?
Comment from : Talkingdrum103

Miklos Legrady
so bogus
Comment from : Miklos Legrady

Kayan The king
Ot real
Comment from : Kayan The king

what burial? no people have ever been found in this pyramid.
Comment from : NebukedNezzer

these people were too advanced for us to just ignore, we really need to know what this stuff is, unless the information about it is already known by big time people. Or its being hidden by the Egyptian government
Comment from : Cowculus

Sunil Sharma
I think it is a telescopic system
Comment from : Sunil Sharma

Comment from : 蔡榮海

Billomaticus Billomaticus
GANTENBRINKS DOORS. a functionality determined

Comment from : Billomaticus Billomaticus

John O
1:25 A burial room that no one was even found buried in!
I think it was probably used for something else.

Comment from : John O

Tahoe Jones
Very uninformative.
Comment from : Tahoe Jones

aliens ! lol your nuts
Comment from : HappyandAtheist

The handles are just there to confirm a false dating on the construction of the pyramid . it is a mystification organized by the academies
Comment from : Mickaël

King Munar
If humans cant solve it, thinkin is "it was made by aliens" come on people people in the past are more smarter than us. Their not dumb, we are dumb 😂
Comment from : King Munar

Rishav Kumar
Any body recognize bright side voice
Comment from : Rishav Kumar

Eksis Terus
Comment from : Eksis Terus

Yorkie Terriers
Water used as conduction
Comment from : Yorkie Terriers

Deadpool Lee
All of Hillary's emails doors an body's from of bills lovers
Comment from : Deadpool Lee

Dino Crater
Remove the entire pyramid and find out for sure! For humanity!
Comment from : Dino Crater

Blue Roots Denver TV
"popular mystery within Egyptian history" that's lyrical
Comment from : Blue Roots Denver TV

Tracy Rosellini
The metal handles on the blocking stones in the shaft could be carbon dated
Comment from : Tracy Rosellini

Freddy Fox 500
WTF is that @00:10 ?
Comment from : Freddy Fox 500

terry ferguson
Witches are taking out people`s souls and demons control the masses,of bodieswalking around posing as human beings.See the video The fRagmented soul by Win Worley.USA is going down by 2020.The only safe place to be is in Jesus Christ and the real word of God(the king James bible).Learn spiritual warfare and deliverance,and how to break generational curses off yourself and family,ASAP.
Comment from : terry ferguson

I dont understand why there is a picture of Graham Hamcok, while you are saying another guy name!!! 😑😑😑
Comment from : MenfisRetroSpace

Christine Casias
Anything recent tired of old stuff
Comment from : Christine Casias

David Bowerman
I can't believe idiots still get away with this nonsense.... The "mysterious" shafts were for sand. They used it like hydraulic fluid to prop stones in place, then slowly lower as the sand was drained.
Comment from : David Bowerman

Peter Moygannon
so they find a skeleton that is not from this world ...show us doubt it
Comment from : Peter Moygannon

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