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Guys, what did your history teachers tell you about the Egyptian pyramids? If you remember, of course 😉

Here're some unbelievable facts about the life of ancient Egyptians:👇 www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiMbVa6XzTw

Comment from : BRIGHT SIDE

Slingshot Chicken
There is Egyptian art or perhaps hieroglyphs that look like helicopters so this theory is plausible, Thoth knows for sure. There is also some speculation that there's something mysterious under the ground placed between the front paws of the Sphinx, something like a spaceship but they aren't telling us , wonder why they haven't looked...or have they? For more Egyptian wonders I recommend The Emerald tablets of Thoth The Atlantean by Dr. Doreal but most of you are not ready for that, if you are ready and worthy , proceed accordingly! Another good read is Egyptian Light Hebrew Fire
Comment from : Slingshot Chicken

Preacher Juan Ligas
i always believe that people in the ancient is more intelligent than people of today
Comment from : Preacher Juan Ligas

Jamie Evans
The pyramids were built to concentrate and manipulate Earth's magnetic field in a way which can be leveraged to condense space, facilitating the travel of vast distances in short spaces of time. They're part of a wider galactic infrastructure built and maintained by AI worker drones designed by extra terrestrials. The ETs are happy to let us know they exist, but won't be introducing themselves just yet. We need to pass societal and technological milestones first.
Comment from : Jamie Evans

Warren Lee
One of the pyramids was coated in chocolate and hazelnut. Archaeologists believe it is the tomb of Pharaoh Rocher.
Comment from : Warren Lee

oman ferrow
The ⚓ doesn't know what he is talking about
Comment from : oman ferrow

bruce tonkin
concrete or gypsum stronger than the stones...stones themselves may not be 100% stone...sand inside or melted...
Comment from : bruce tonkin

Knight Mayor
Does anyone have a link to a less cartoony version of this same information?
Comment from : Knight Mayor

Malhaar bhatt
They could Possibly Give life to the mummies, the same way a defibrillator does
Comment from : Malhaar bhatt

Taqifsha Nanen
there were mummies
Comment from : Taqifsha Nanen

for the idiots..
O ?? O is a sign of the god tribe of this planet(Old times,,,Fallen angels)..
O's name is Gori(kore) Hwan..
O= desendants of the korean lineage..
+ =a symbol of bird tribe= Messenger of god..

Pyrami ?? By korean ,,Pyrami is a fish..
Eu(fish) =God tribe(woman) +human's mixedbloodline= Bodyguard class of god...
God tribe(Man)+human's mixed bloodline ?? = A(Hill=half circle) Lineage...
A(hill)+Eus(Fish)=Aus lineage=half the korean lineage...
A+Eus+Ter(land)+ Ri(town) >> Ter+Ri(Land and town=This planet) >>Origin of tree..Tree=Bird tribe...
A+Eus+Ter+Ri >> Austri =History..
Eus(fishs=Chi,bari,siri,pyrami etc sorts)..
A+Eus(Chi)>> Archi =Archeology,,,,,
History=Archeology =Half the Korean's history..

Comment from : GORIson

David Taylor
I'll say it again. Pyramids were painted white and had gold tips. When the moon is out it would have reflected off the pyramids and most likely used as markers for ship captains. Remember Egypt was a major port back then. The pyramids would have lit up the area around them saving on wood, linen and oil used for lights.
Comment from : David Taylor

I mean, can't they keep their funny efforts away from this?
Comment from : ASHISH GUPTA

Phillip Jacobson
Some artifacts of south america were also gold plated.
The Spanyerds thought they were steeling solid gold .
When they found out it was plating they returned and beat on the citizens.

Why hasn't any one tried to find batteries in south america?

Comment from : Phillip Jacobson

Jim Hendleman
Christopher Dunn, an American Master Machinest, discovered the true purpose decades ago. They are electricity produceers. They broadcast electricity throughout Egypt. Read his \books; read my books. H
Comment from : Jim Hendleman

H Josh
radioactive granite putting pressure on the quartz wouldve ionized the air inside creating a perfect chemical reaction in turn increased the conductivity all of which allowed perfect opportunity for large electrocurrents to appear...

If that’s so how come No electrocurrents are appearing now though?

Comment from : H Josh

This only means one thing I have to make me tea

Thutruth ght
While visiting the pyramids in Egypt, I walked upward through a narrow passage until reaching an empty Sarcophagus. Am certain the pyramids were used for burial. Could have used current to keep intruders away.
Comment from : Thutruth ght

Absolute rubbish, but a good laugh
Comment from : roughtorambler

Liam Duffield
the "receiver" has arms coming out of it and the wire from the lightbulb connects to a different place than what you showed. but it's still a great theory!
Comment from : Liam Duffield

Liberty Grayson
There might be a connection between Tesla and the Great Pyramid. If the Great Pyramid created pizo electricity, then this is similar to Tesla's Wardencliff project and high hertz projects. Currently Tesla Coils are just being used as a light show, but Tesla also had a way of harnessing this electrified air being used as part of an electrical load current. If the Great Pyramid was used as a generator, then it too would used the air and ground as a means of a current path. The Egyptian hieroglyphs showing similar means of capturing or converting this form of electrified circuit into a usable form such as light deep within tombs when working. It also shows a similar Tesla Coil design with arms extending out of it to hold the outer surface of the glass? (And to possibly excite the air particles like a fluorescent light bulb) being a charged end.
Tesla was also hypothesizing higher alternating hertz could also cause levitation if channeled correctly with the correct materials.
Had Tesla's work been allowed to proceed, we might have solved and be currently using this or a similar technology today.
If the Great Pyramid was producing alternating pizo current, then Tesla might have found an alternative method of producing a similar form of energy as the Great Pyramid.

Comment from : Liberty Grayson

Clickbait and massive misinformation.
Comment from : Sphereslip

I think they're on the right track, But I think the Pyramids all worked in tandem to balance the earths wobble and prevents the poles from shifting.
Comment from : Charismar10

Venkat Babu
Pyramids were actually built inside a ocean floor. And why because the stones are extremely huge and no type of engineering can lift and place them in position. They dug out sand at least from a huge lake and moved stones in the lake to position them in place.
Comment from : Venkat Babu

Pilgrim's Progress
I think that the Egyptians figured that the electricity would send their souls out to Heaven or to the Underworld which ever they believed in at the time. One big giant battery. Kinda funny when you think about it.
Comment from : Pilgrim's Progress

Mustafa 90
I am very grateful to our ancestors if they really are or not but their heritage and great civilization are source of pride
Comment from : Mustafa 90

Shawn Boekhoff
Time to build that diagram in the chamber.
Comment from : Shawn Boekhoff

Farah Mansoor
May be they used that much energy to contact aliens
Comment from : Farah Mansoor

nunya business
Comment from : nunya business

Jason Barksdale
Comment from : Jason Barksdale

Gil Silay
Still a theory.. Not so convincing..
Comment from : Gil Silay

Ugh......" modern day researchers"??? Ufologist from DECADES ago....BEFORE MY TIME, already stated that The Pyramids were " power plants". And the theory was criticized over and over again, only because it had to deal with the ANCIENT ALIEN idea.
Comment from : The1Returner

Just to prove my point that time machines are not yet discovered.
Comment from : ZenTraiDee

cecilio verte
Truth about the pacman and micky mouse and all the characters Has Been Finally founded click here to watch
Comment from : cecilio verte

dwayne Coleman
They invented the insible iphone
Comment from : dwayne Coleman

Александр Олейников
10 years -) 1 decade
100 years -) 1 century

Comment from : Александр Олейников

Kamal Biswakarma
What if it was constructed by the time traveller from the future generation ?
Comment from : Kamal Biswakarma

Terry Kennedy
The masons know.
Comment from : Terry Kennedy

Beka Lynn
Well now I want to stand on top of The Great Pyramid holding a wet rag around a bottle. Lol.
Comment from : Beka Lynn

kim alonzo
And guess what? Intelligent life began LONG BEFORE EGYPT!
Comment from : kim alonzo

kim alonzo
I never heard many ppl stereotype ancient civilizations asbeing less developed than we are today. Where did you get that from?
Comment from : kim alonzo

12:17 minutes of long talking and yet you are still talking about the theories. This is how you get a dislike. Misleading title.
Comment from : B D

Epic Gamer
The great pyramid of giza is not a lie Im egyptian and I know that for a fact
Comment from : Epic Gamer

Stuart Buchanan
the pyramid scheme is illegal yet used everywhere
Comment from : Stuart Buchanan

Were the nephiluims born at this time? Maybe they were helping them move these blockes , and they wanted to go to heaven or shoot heaven with those magnetic waves ? 🤷‍♂️ idk
Comment from : cumshots

Garou Kun
What is sand made out of
Comment from : Garou Kun

Bom Trown
you need more mummy/mommy jokes and ads. other than it was an ok video.
Comment from : Bom Trown

Shaun Seegmiller
You lost me at "water running up the side of the pyramid". Should've quit while you were ahead but hey,at least I had to watch both ads before you went totally off the rails...
Comment from : Shaun Seegmiller

DG 42
I think the library of Alexandria had information on it before it was burned down so we’ll probably never know what they were really for and how they were made.
Comment from : DG 42

yahuah 1st
The pyramids were actually hospitals for the rich, the electricity they gathered was harnest/collected in the bagdad battery and stored and used to power their homemade defibrillators they made in those times......
Comment from : yahuah 1st

Invisible College
No bodies were ever found in the great Pyramid
Comment from : Invisible College

melvin blair
Maybe the energy was just a side effect if water production, they would need water about anything just a thought
Comment from : melvin blair

Lina Maria Nieuwenhuijze
Look carefully at the front you will see two small pirámides
Comment from : Lina Maria Nieuwenhuijze

Is it really a theory or just an hypothesis???
Comment from : Bedbug

J Cozzy
we discovered in 2047 when completing the Cape of good hope pyramid, that the charge was filtering into the ionosphere. it quickly became clear that the Pyramids were a multipurpose device. layed out around the planet they serve as a wwg (world wide grid) for power, communication and the ionization of the atmosphere for the purposes of Terra-forming. see the increase in magnetic polarity in the atmosphere affects chemical processes that alter the planets ability to retain nitrogen. It also filters certain radio active wavelengths. Resulting in a Terra-forming reaction that makes earth compatible with hybrid human life. foreign dna combined with the native inhabitant dna produced what we know today as Humans. There is far more detail of course, however you are not ready for this yet. needless to say the negative ion charge is a great oscillator for the recharging of ships that used the pyramids as landing pads and charging structures.
Comment from : J Cozzy

Okk Gamer
4:41...i saw an eye there
Comment from : Okk Gamer

Lame intro
Edit: Lame video. You even used "mummy" "mommy" joke twice in the first 3 minutes. How do you have 32m subs Lol

Comment from : Beratna

Gabriel PH
Comment from : Gabriel PH

Squishy Fishie
What do I think? I think that light bulb hieroglyph is a clear description of what it is. On the box there are hands and arms that are in a receiving position indicating it clearly is receiving something.
As for the pyramids themselves I think by now it should be fairly obvious what they are.

Comment from : Squishy Fishie

Joseph Stalin
So if they where able to Make Electricity, Tell me how they didn’t make things like gunpowder and guns and if they did how did they fall to the Romans and The empire of Kush? Also why don’t we see this stuff in Roman Remains when the Romans where some of the most advanced people of their time if not THE most advanced people.
Comment from : Joseph Stalin

can whe finish the pyramids purpose now then
Comment from : HetBanaanPortaal

maby the ancient civs didt know about the things whe have today but didnt use them becouse they already knew it whas going to create global warming i heard someone in the great libary of alexandria also already created a steam engine
Comment from : HetBanaanPortaal

Wilcutt Records
Why don't we build pyramids in America?
Comment from : Wilcutt Records

iam He
They used it to call down the gods
Comment from : iam He

I hope in my lifetime i get the real truth of this technology.
Comment from : chalinoahuesoduro

Prince Gogoi
nonsense theory
Comment from : Prince Gogoi

Marie Jose
One of my history teachers who believed bible shld be taken letterally said they were used for power and builr by giants (nephilim)
Comment from : Marie Jose

Kenneth Johnson
Maybe to make it rain?
Comment from : Kenneth Johnson

Farris Al Harbi
Don't forget that they use to practice black magic. It's really amazing how little information we know about their civilization. Maybe the pyramids where built to be tall because pharaohs wanted to see God.
Comment from : Farris Al Harbi

Sohel Sharif
what is the name of the background music
Comment from : Sohel Sharif

Nicole Bezro
As Mark Twain said, “It ain't so much the things that people don't know that makes trouble in this world, as it is the things that people know that ain't so.”
Comment from : Nicole Bezro

Diane Eze
I wish we could build a time machine, to go back in time to verify these things. It would be great to have actual proof of what was going on.
Comment from : Diane Eze

Orla Lolo
Ohhhhh I want my mummy 😛😛😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Orla Lolo

Orla Lolo
Ohhhhh I want my mummy 😛😛😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Orla Lolo

Ahmadzia Hatami
Thumbs down
Comment from : Ahmadzia Hatami

curt Vecido
pyramid is a generator
discovered electrical

Comment from : curt Vecido

Repair Motor
They built pyramid just 300 years before the big flood
Comment from : Repair Motor

Ashley Van
Comment from : Ashley Van

The fallen angels still have their powers and can look just like a regular human. it was written in the BIBLE before Cern, not so sure now, but it said they taught the people about weapons and makeup and fortune telling and spells, herbs and technology etc,, That is how the pyramids were so advanced. Then they mated with women Genisis 6 in the Bible and had children who were giants.Huge skulls and the flood that destroyed them. Remember the story of David and Goliath? These stories were based in truth. Angels are vey tall generally.Eveyone who had a history class heard about black eyeliner coming from Egypt first. it also said God stopped them temporarily from advancing technology.
Comment from : Jazzy15

Laura Ashley Pascasio
Is that the piramid of Giza
Comment from : Laura Ashley Pascasio

Ruben Weijers
So fake and wrong😡
Comment from : Ruben Weijers

Ancient Egyptians were VERY religious
My point is, they made it perfectly to reflect the light of the Sun because they worshipped the Sun God, Ra.
Plus there was an Old and New kingdom
And Ancient Egyptians were more interested in the human body more than anything
They had so many cures and theories about the body. And if it was a power plant there should be a generator or a container to hold the energy and if they finished the pyramids then there should be a connection between the pyramid and the city. Since the pyramids were built in the old kingdom they focused more on simple machines and medicine so I highly doubt it.
But it’s a great theory though

Comment from : Wolfieee

Death Painful
This is where they plugged in there electric cars.
Comment from : Death Painful

michael lennon
P.s. it's not electric current its SOLAR HEAT
Comment from : michael lennon

michael lennon
The great pyramid is over 100 thousand years old. The Egyptians claimed them when the found them . But they are not there's
Comment from : michael lennon

Raymond Foster
Maybe, possibly, could be is not definite = not solved.
Comment from : Raymond Foster

John May
Refer to Christopher Dunn's power plant theory
Comment from : John May

Kan Ser
He lied for 12 mins and you will never discover the truth
Comment from : Kan Ser

Darrell Harper
Well the black Hebrew isrealite are rgw children of isreal I Am is my name pharoah let my people go
Moses was negroe and all the prophets now it's 🇺🇸 america time the curse is on her now .the negroes is god Yahweh children .the pharoahs was all the black kings .tut .kemet.antenukhen etc .the creator said i wink at their knowledge.the European and asian have is primitive.hum they. Think they have terrific mind power how do u xplain these people lack of knowledge but the capacity to invent modern technology hum black people are not dum at all look around u and see their inventions everybody else is Johnnie comes lately halleluyah🙏🙏✌💪🖤

Comment from : Darrell Harper

Jackoline Byrd
Why is white peoples studying this but it’s not in black and poor school to know who we really are why you guys have more excess to of lands and riches than we do
Comment from : Jackoline Byrd

James Fullecido
What if alot of people die in this generation beacause of technology and only a few people were left behind after that all of our technology would be left into ruins and the cycle continous
Comment from : James Fullecido

Smokesoulja9155 soulja
Its obvious aliens came down and built the pyramid from another planet. They made something that can protect them from metors and that can help them survive and try n make a way to single the others from the other planet to find them?
Comment from : Smokesoulja9155 soulja

I've known these for quite awhile. Did you not see the pictures of all the pyramids shooting what appeared to be laser's up into the atmosphere? Also there is no such thing as gravity or space, let alone outer space.oe planets. If you read the WORD of Yod Hey Waw Hey it's all explained there. If you get a copy of Hanok (Enoch) from HalleuYah Scriptures you will get a clearer picture of everything.
Comment from : kelelalani

Randal Hicks
Assuming that this theory is in the ballpark if not spot on, the other alternative to piggy back off of the power plant theory I would imagine would be that these pyramids along with the rest of the pyramids or "temples"on earth were used to help terraform our planet or that they created the magnetosphere or van Ryan's radiation belt that protects us from the sun???
Comment from : Randal Hicks

Alondra Ricketts
I guess we stoled the modern ideas from the past and didn't even know
Comment from : Alondra Ricketts

Shakti stha
I think pyramid were build for the shelter, above the river as the best place where they get water and live their life. Then started to develop other things...
Comment from : Shakti stha

Dax Inventor
I think that the Pyriamids where used to generate the same types of energy that is said to have existed in Atlantis. Maybe they placed crystals in organized ways to produce a different kind of energy which was used to lift heavy stones of 50 tons or more. Having a source of energy introduced to the technically engineered internal copper walls tells me that there probably was multiple uses for the pyriamids structure. Thinking outside the box allows for imaginative concepts to show you exactly what the energies where used for overall.
Our current day scientist and architects are thinking incorrectly about what this energy was used for. They should stop thinking about electricity and imagine how the energies that the Atlantians used apply to the Pyriamids. Being to close to a problem sometimes holds you in a paradigm of the knowledge that you think you understand which can lead to overthinking of how something once worked. By stepping back and looking at it from a different point of view will probably help you to comprehend what you think something really is used for in this case. The Egyptians where also Master mathematicians and understood and taught it to the world. Everything is math and math is everything. What is most important is that these mysteries are or have been due to come to light according to Edgar Cayce and if we pay attention, we will once again prevail and be blessed by a better technology than we have ever known before. Tesla tried to give some of this technology to the world but greedy and selfish people like Edison and Wall Street had other ideas which destroyed Tesla but not his knowledge. Thank God for great men like Nikola Tesla who is the father of all of the amazing technology that we use today.
His genius will live forever because of his great sacrifices. Tesla told the reason for the pyriamids but the Kings of Wall Street never wanted us to know that either. Some things are destined to be known no matter how hard such knowledge is suppressed.

Comment from : Dax Inventor

Channel Akash
Hindu mythology(dating back to 4000 years) too mentions things similar to flying vehicles, explosives, and internet technology etc. May be a story, but being true is also not something totally impossible.
Comment from : Channel Akash

I don't believe the Great Pyramid of Giza was a tomb.
Comment from : eric777100763

In my opinion, or I'll say my best guess oh, I think the Great Pyramid of Giza was not made by the Egyptians.
Comment from : eric777100763

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