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Where do you find the money to throw away like that? That’s dangerous.
Comment from : Blenks87

simon sah
Becouse of u i never gamble.. Was just about to start but u man show me what is real and no just cash cash cash... Casino alsays win tx
Comment from : simon sah

Ali Asad
Mate that is honestly brutal, -16k -13k damn
Comment from : Ali Asad

Anime Spirit
So you are on loss
Comment from : Anime Spirit

thanks hypalinx and Rolla for telling the truth you both are UK heroes. Keeping it real saves peoples lives from complete ruin.
Comment from : derrick1751

Adam Mok
You are alright mate, But no one cares about $250 deposits.... They care about 100k
Comment from : Adam Mok

Shaun Pye
Hypa and Trono you are 2 of the most genuine people .no need to show things.we know you are real mates both of you .keep up the good vibes and wins of course pils4545
Comment from : Shaun Pye

Ryan Jackson
Weird flex but ok
Comment from : Ryan Jackson

Michael Lewis
I’m glad you did this video with all the others that are confirming it. DavoSlots still won’t show his streamers which is highly sus
Comment from : Michael Lewis

Ka Czor
Hypalinks what do you do for a living to sustain this much gambling?
Comment from : Ka Czor

Ben The Boss Jackson
Ya a top man Hypa :) like you say so easy to do :) you and trono are top guys! we love ya !
Comment from : Ben The Boss Jackson

Kevin Hoogenboom
But i do understand Davo his side. He is not obligated to share shit. I have the upmost respect for you sir. I have the idea that u released it cz of that.
Comment from : Kevin Hoogenboom

Andrew Chrisp
I'd love to know what this guy does for a living...
Comment from : Andrew Chrisp

Super Natural
hey bud like the channel .. ever checked out this list of blacklisted online casinos? wizardofodds.com/online-gambling/blacklist/

looking for a fair game - how do you like evolution? looks sharp.

Comment from : Super Natural

Frank Spencer
Hypa has more disposable income than most, plus 5 hot cars, not earned from affiliation links. Maybe Tesco Finest sponsor him on the quiet or he is a FOBT engineer like Stopand Step who had a lucky dip come in. It doesn't matter to be honest, as long as he isn't working for the BBC.

I always feel there is more desperation with affiliates to push unheard of casino links in their latest vids but Hypa seems more genuine in his remorse for overdoing stuff. The Vlogs are as intersting as the slots in their own way.

Comment from : Frank Spencer

It's all good. We approve your documents
Comment from : NickBroke

Peter Ackerley
You need to stop Gambling mate! There's so many more deposits there than withdrawals which goes to show your not winning. I know the videos are entertaining and fun and people like to watch them but you really need to give it up! :) Take up golf or something: )
Comment from : Peter Ackerley

They offered you 10% of your losses back or 10% of all deposits? Cheers
Comment from : alicoops99

Stephen bubba b
Very rarely comment on your videos mate, watched for a long while now. Respect for you for showing everyone how easy it is to prove. Now all we need is everyone else to follow suit and then we can avoid the 1s that don't prove they are for real. I'd rather watch some one play 20p stakes and really get excited cos it's real money and matters than watch someone do £20 spins and not seem bothered whether they win or lose
Comment from : Stephen bubba b

Pd Gaming Channel
Comment from : Pd Gaming Channel

mark long
you just got a sub for showing
Comment from : mark long

Ryan hughes
Get in hypa
Comment from : Ryan hughes

Paul Jacobs
Looked like more way more losses than wins, self exclude and give it up. Stick your cash somewhere where you can't get to it quickly. You'll have a bad day and lose the lot in a session.
Comment from : Paul Jacobs

No need to to that but happy daze. Keep up the good work!
Comment from : JP.reddy

If you showed that to a none gambler they would think you are insane
Comment from : dazzerstar

And how much of you deposits are affiliation money????, explain to the people how affiliation works???
Comment from : Geeman

brother dan
Great support great inside info thanks hypa #FuckFakers
Comment from : brother dan

The Baccarat Kid
great vid Hypa
Comment from : The Baccarat Kid

Top man Hypa you are the real deal !
Comment from : Paulslotman

Jess R
Think we need a hypa fridge update
Comment from : Jess R

Joshua Mckinney
Your awesome love your videos and transparency
Comment from : Joshua Mckinney

Sheikh ANDO
Hey guys, I’ve lost everything, no job, no home. Have £600 of bills due out on 18th, I’m so sick and awake all during the night. It’s good when your winning but when you lose😂😂😂. Can anyone transfer me £5 some food. And this is serious no jokes.
Comment from : Sheikh ANDO

Sky Dreams
You are the most honest online gambling casino streamer, east or west of the Atlantic ! This video belongs in the online gambling hall of fame, for transparency and controlled gambling ! Very well done mate . Very well done indeed 🍺🍻
Comment from : Sky Dreams

Tom Whittingham
I had every faith, hope you are well. Love the backing track. Gamblers are very vulnerable & streamers and affiliates have a duty of care for full transparency.
Comment from : Tom Whittingham

shawn yates
We all know your 100% genuine mate!! :-) Interesting to see the ins and outs though, i think i'm about 9k down from casumo :-( lol.
Comment from : shawn yates

At the first glance I though that was DAVO going to show his transactions :D
Comment from : Eslob

Big love bro ! Bit obvious davo slots is fake ! Loses 300k and doesn’t flinch 😂😂 the captain davo blocked me on instagram the twat ! Anyway sonny best of luck bro
Comment from : Slots&SneaksHyperfuse

Liam Fletcher
Do you think it would make the fake money situation better if the streamers who are using it tell people they're using it (like have a notice in the top corner for instance)?
Comment from : Liam Fletcher

Genuine, decent person, Hypa. Thanks.
Comment from : cheetah

scott gooch
this wasnt needed but understand why you have stuck it up alot of streamers been shook up from his vid some of them for good reason
Comment from : scott gooch

Big Rich
Time to load up a few more vids please Hypa 👍
Comment from : Big Rich

Big Rich
So Davo slots the captain 👨‍✈️ is full of it then? Why would he waste his time
Comment from : Big Rich

Comment from : SEASIDE Thug

Mike Butcher
Ps great tune!!
Comment from : Mike Butcher

Mike Butcher
Hope you’re well Hypa, we all know you’re genuine, and wish you lots of luck. hope to catch you soon. Cheers 🍻
Comment from : Mike Butcher

Mark Platt
Most honest man 100 % on youtube ☺
Comment from : Mark Platt

Michael Hinde
Never in doubt, but fair play for putting no doubt many fake/dodgy streamers to shame. Still amazed at some of those sums mind, even if I was loaded that'd leave me feeling spew! Is that enabled from affiliate income built up over the years, or will Hypa be outed on an episode of The Secret Millionaire one day?
Comment from : Michael Hinde

James Hall
Need some roulette and blackjack
Videos mate
Class to watch 👍👍

Comment from : James Hall

When's more slot videos coming?
Comment from : UK DRILL

You don't need to prove yourself. Your one of the genuine streamers along with rocknrollaa that don't sponge off an affiliate scheme. But good luck for some more big withdrawals.
Comment from : Snoozey

Lend us £10
Comment from : Mr1Grumpy

Darren Russell
You can tell by your emotion that it’s real. Plus Trono says your ok so no worries pal 👍
Comment from : Darren Russell

Jim Jimmy
Hahaha is rite mate
Comment from : Jim Jimmy

epicdaz !
Pmsl sarcasm at its finest, " its very simple and easy to show your balance and deposits"
Comment from : epicdaz !

Alan Perry
You and rolla best, we always knew mate
Comment from : Alan Perry

Killy risin
Lo ve ur vids u gamble like me.and no voy when you looses..gl mate
Comment from : Killy risin

Archibald Maule Ramsay
I can't even bare to look at my total losses on my accounts, I think i would be sick. I dont know how you do it 😂
Comment from : Archibald Maule Ramsay

Leonid Sokovikov
love your channel. always waiting patiently for more videos. good work
Comment from : Leonid Sokovikov

Pappy Pinel
Hypelinx we no your real buddy..so is roller, jimbo . Craig, and fruity ,all legends....cheers uncle pap...believe me we feel when you lose not financially, but I feel for you mate I been there done that...in the near future I feel a big big win coming your way....
Comment from : Pappy Pinel

Jambacardi 24
Hypa we all know you and Rolla are the real deal. Rollas blog on Davo was an eye opener
Comment from : Jambacardi 24

susan Jacques
Hypa the thing is with these Fake streamers we are signing up to there site through there links thinking we are helping support them to help keep there streams going and there using fake money now thats scamming the supporters .Thanks for showing us hypa we now your genuine .
Comment from : susan Jacques

Jasematey 007
No problem mate, love all you do bud 😄👍😄👍😄
Comment from : Jasematey 007

corni gawrys
hypa you are the real deal
Comment from : corni gawrys

We know your the real guy hypa - we didn't need to see this but good stuff anyway.
Comment from : Jaaskelainen1993

colshy Stickalolshy
How people can’t recognise the fake streamers bamboozles me, rolls done a great vid to highlight the easiness of the scam, never doubted yourself, just wish you done more you tube vids, your due a great win and hope this message gives you luck 👍🏻
Comment from : colshy Stickalolshy

Andrew Bates
quality bloke hyper
Comment from : Andrew Bates

Storry Face
Do u ever live stream any more?
Comment from : Storry Face

Ellis James
He got you all doing it. Fair play we all know your real
Comment from : Ellis James

Conor Dornan
Hi hypa can u do another supermarket video please mate??
Comment from : Conor Dornan

Ark Harbron
Just for the record hypa, no one thought you were a fake.
Comment from : Ark Harbron

congrats on 30k hypa
Comment from : Corbeaux

Cheesy Cock
Always nice to know i am watching a genuine streamer, all the best for your future slot play.
Comment from : Cheesy Cock

Pat Parry
Dont agree with that hypa.
Comment from : Pat Parry

Mubz adz
Never once doubted u bro!👍
Comment from : Mubz adz

Free Speech Advocate
As much as I love your channel, you should consider getting help to quit before its to late. All the best
Comment from : Free Speech Advocate

105 Wonky
Comment from : 105 Wonky

Appreciate you showing Hypa, but I can say with confidence that yourself, rolla and craig slots are the real deal when it comes to streamers, think we all agree on that one.
Comment from : luvmykiev

The G O A T
Hypa exposed...pretty sure I saw an ASDA payment! All this Tescos finest talk = Asda own brand...its sickening 🤮
Comment from : The G O A T

Jim The Burrito
What do you do for work to lose that much but have a juicy bank balance
Comment from : Jim The Burrito

Peter Edwards
i play online casinos mostly roulette auto and some weeks are very dark with losses and others alot better love watching you and pauls vids m8 actually brought me abit luck seeing how you guys go about things,that davo going on like a complete fool playing with fake money just makes me feel sick when i know how hard it is too taking the losses all his channel was doing was winning thousands after thousnas was start to make me feel like a fool when i lose haha thinking is it just me with so much bad luck,hope you ahve a huge win fella wish ya all the luck in the world would like to see you on auto roulette in some vids
Comment from : Peter Edwards

Thanks for video. Please do not put any spoilers in the title of your 30k Special vid. Cheers
Comment from : MakeAstand5

Matty B EFC 87
If I was to name 1 streamer who wasn’t using fake money it would be you lad! So entertaining to watch the likes of nicksluts and others are embarrassing now, it’s a business/windfall for them, you are 1 of the “normal gamblers” top man! So get some new material up pal
Comment from : Matty B EFC 87

Most Satisfying Videos
you dont have to prove it Hypa! We know the real ones :D
Comment from : Most Satisfying Videos

Richard Gray
Top geniunie streamer always fair and decent to his subs
Comment from : Richard Gray

Richard Adams
Respect we all know u are real. Hi trono hru
Comment from : Richard Adams

Clitherall- Walking Dead Live Reactions, Reviews and Discussions!
You need to get some help man
Comment from : Clitherall- Walking Dead Live Reactions, Reviews and Discussions!

John Douglas
Lol no1 doubted you , the tilt is ALL too real with you hahahaha
Comment from : John Douglas

If u are fake your a shit streamer then as you lose more than you win there are 3 UK fakes that’s jimbo roshtein and chipmunks

lol, you funny ! You lose so bad they would NEVER want you.
Comment from : damncows

Mystical Child
I'm confused.
How do you have deposits/withdrawls setup for dates months into the future? 🤔

Comment from : Mystical Child

Paul Osc Slots
2pac in background, you are such a g :D
Comment from : Paul Osc Slots

Davey Wendt
You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone hypa, everyone knows your legit. Down to earth and always up for a laugh, specially the pub fruit videos 😂 hold tight hypa ❤️
Comment from : Davey Wendt

my pencil ART. Wayne Bailey
Man..no need to prove to me it's real moneyeeeee.but I'm misstifide why you can show your accounts but not say how you make aliving....maybe then people would understand how you can support losing so much..I'm expecting lash back for asking a personal question but I'm sure most folk would ask..:) .
Comment from : my pencil ART. Wayne Bailey

William Irvine
Top streamer ! think we all know who the fakes are but yer great vids mates keep them up
Comment from : William Irvine

Paul Osc Slots
Show us ya fruit machine deposits!
Comment from : Paul Osc Slots

Fuck the fake bastards
Comment from : GAMBLING GOD

stephen davies
Fuck me hypa ,,,, doesn’t that frighten u ?
Comment from : stephen davies

Callum Stannard
Love your streams mate, felt sick for you after the big loss on Monday... Just one question I'd like to ask, what are the 'cancelled withdrawals'? Are they for future deposits on the next stream?
Comment from : Callum Stannard

Hey mate, great seein' you on the recent streams - cheers mate!
Comment from : voicetube

peter monaghan
Nice to see ur not bankrupt lol
Comment from : peter monaghan

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