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mean he
There’s a friggin’ tooth in a canoptic box that has supposedly been sealed for several thousands of years?! Yeah ok, that’s not suspicious at all. That sounds like some very shady dealings, zahi hawas probably planted it so that he could be the one to discover this missing mummy queen. Bullshit!
Comment from : mean he

Hanna Solon
thanks now my homework is done

*throws notebook

Comment from : Hanna Solon

Comment from : NERD ALERT

Winter_ Shien
Hatshepsut is the first women to be a paraoh before Cleo patra.
Comment from : Winter_ Shien

svetlana kurbala
why not to open 📦 box??
Comment from : svetlana kurbala

Lissa Price
Taking things a touch too far in these comments... let's just say this woman was amazing. History, Anthropology and Archaeology are always going to cause contention. Sometimes it's more important to remember how amazing it was that this woman was the most powerful person in the world during her time.
Comment from : Lissa Price

Scott Ross
I Guarantee the traces were removed either long ago because of another later heir being between a daughter or son. Or Arabs somehow had something to do with it. 🐞
Comment from : Scott Ross

Katherine Yahu
Comment from : Katherine Yahu

I need to see her Temple. She was such a badass. My favorite Pharoah
Comment from : L B

noori ahmedarain
Ok I am confused was she the first female Pharaoh a
Or the second because I was doing I research on the first female Pharaoh and I want to know the list and its weird what came next that she is the second female Pharaohof Egypt and then it also came that she was the first female Pharaoh my head is so confused 🤔🧐🤨🤯😩
Oh and one more thing her rightful final restingplace is the valley of Kings not a museum

Comment from : noori ahmedarain

Kay Punch
Well obviously it was allowed because someone knew she was a woman so its not that she wasnt allowed to be Pharoah
Comment from : Kay Punch

Michael Lynch
Comment from : Michael Lynch

Jesse Campbell
What they don't tell you is that she was a black woman! Also that her royal family were black people. Not the white people they're showing throughout this documentary. America like to do this thing call whitewashing, where they changed the skin tone of a person in history to that of European-Americans complexion
Comment from : Jesse Campbell

knqneal neal
Dislike. Reason. Historically inaccurate
Comment from : knqneal neal

Oaklynn Alvey
Welcome to what I watch at midnight
Comment from : Oaklynn Alvey

Lisa 11:11
Good grief the Egyptian "Bushes"!
Comment from : Lisa 11:11

Prabhjot Kaur
I am 10 and I want to be a oncologist, nephrologist, surgeon, or a geographic
Comment from : Prabhjot Kaur

Who tf is this white lady they got on here
Comment from : LARRY BUTLER

Arvind Kushwaha
35 code of World ruler ,3500000000000000000 ओल्डेस्ट. oldest number in Webster dictionary ,and new public of August us august rishi of ROman italy Matter nich fire kings
Occupied taken all land of Bu23ddha,burut bharat.by atomic bombs fear to end world empire Nippon mammal,mammy,nippal Nepal birth soil of bu23 ddha17Q quran 32ku ran ( ku,q, रण area kushan qu shan gushan Gupta E gupta egypt y is U in mosque moscow USSR)Ashoka asuk<kusa ,hiba kusa nippon korea, kine Chind,Sindh river blue stone kush hills afogan Afghan prathvi ras j Kachhawaha kushwaha 92 siDdhartha,yellow,testis,resting ,Education Ed ईद education, नेपाल Neppon maner of respect are Islamic ma law kaka ,chacha ,chhachha ,kakatiy kushan ,kanishaka ,chandra Gupta's birhore tribes ,rule.till now..

Comment from : Arvind Kushwaha

BaccEnd Aski
What is this poison ? Stop tryna erase our history fucking devils 🖤👸🏾✊🏿
Comment from : BaccEnd Aski

If the pic wasn’t white or of euro features I would have watched it but they started of with a lie ... they still full os shiii

Moniepiee TV
I’m only eight and we learn about this at my school 🏫
Comment from : Moniepiee TV

Luv & Bounce New Orleanz
I hate that they keep making them white 😒
Comment from : Luv & Bounce New Orleanz

Luv & Bounce New Orleanz
I love Hatshepsut and Nefertari ✊🏾😻😊my Queens
Comment from : Luv & Bounce New Orleanz

Jasmin Marquez
Me to
Comment from : Jasmin Marquez

Nayeli Diaz
Nah, Totesmotherfucker totally had it out for her, he just wouldn't make his move while she was alive.

Her influence had to be great and respected if even an established Leader of the Egyptian army couldn't be forthright with his misogyny.

Scratching off the one painting depicting Hatshepsut with her lover in a remote part of the temple does nothing for his "cold political propaganda". Dickhead here was petty.

Comment from : Nayeli Diaz

Kathryn Adkisson
She's one of my role model's and I'm really happy that they found her
Comment from : Kathryn Adkisson

Slim Shady
Comment from : Slim Shady

Barry Kirwan
Did he get the curse
Comment from : Barry Kirwan

God Nomercy
Can you please take my body out of the Cairo museum please! This is not funny!


Comment from : God Nomercy

So great to see Zahiri Hawass at work! The "great adventurer"... NG must've kissed his ass raw.
Comment from : karaool

Celeste Ratcliffe
Are those box braids?
Comment from : Celeste Ratcliffe

Breasia Newsome
When I was little I always dreamed to be a egyptologist and that's what I am
Comment from : Breasia Newsome

Gaby Munoz
They had a whole ass mummy chilling in a demonstration case in the library..
Comment from : Gaby Munoz

Why do they keep digging these bodies out of their graves . Leave them alone . It's disrespectful
Comment from : A J

Darryl Lowe
Spend their entire lives searching for pharaohs, but never learn the truth.
Comment from : Darryl Lowe

puzzle solvers right here
Comment from : JAYDEN RICHARDS

Kelly Felton
Knowledge is power!
Comment from : Kelly Felton

Blacklagoon Revy
Queen Hatsheosut has the last laugh on those who would erase her memory, well done girl!
Comment from : Blacklagoon Revy

Hajira jahan.s
Dr sahi hawas..the most dedicated egyptologist... hat off u sir......#stay blessed
Comment from : Hajira jahan.s

cess 101
maybe the peaple who hated the the lost queen of egypt taken the mummy of it and destroyed it?:(:(
Comment from : cess 101

Beth Bartlett
This is a venue given to our youth for Cirriculum Education aka - effects of teaching to be the worker bee.

Hawass was convicted of unethical acts.
Hawaiss 👀

Comment from : Beth Bartlett

Viper TV - Documentaries
Comment from : Viper TV - Documentaries

MissWoman 1
The fact that this museum was able to accomplish this find definitely DISproves Berlin Museum stating that they won't RETURN the STOLEN bust of Cleopatra because Egypt can't take care of it properly!!!!
Comment from : MissWoman 1

Maleah RavenJ
Comment from : Maleah RavenJ

Wynterhawk Carter-Harris
I love her, she is my favorite heroine and lifetime idol. I hope in my lifetime I get the chance to just visit her temple. Temple Deir el-Bahari <3
Comment from : Wynterhawk Carter-Harris

Cabdiqani Farxaan gaas
if you need the truth history of Egyptian I have contact to me also an ancient Egyptian was not white they were not Arab European Asian they were African and they were Somali because we have the same culture the same color the some genetics we now what is varianes in our language they were worshiping punt and punt is located in Somalia
Comment from : Cabdiqani Farxaan gaas

That was great, but now I want to know what happened to her daughter in more detail.
Comment from : BlueIndigoRadiance

Hannah Baxter
I'm no dental expert but i could see it was a molar with a root missing .
Comment from : Hannah Baxter

Vito Anderson
Any narrative of Kemet prevaricating around the notion of a white European or arab civilization is simply a falsification of ancient history, misguided by impractical modern academia and pseudo scientific scholarship.
Comment from : Vito Anderson

Mason Teague
A body after it dies basically relaxes all muscles. So, a mummy with a screaming face means nothing. It is the process of preserving the body that dries up the flesh and causes the distortions. Think about the realities people.
Comment from : Mason Teague

Muralidhar Polavarapu
NG s classic vid.
Comment from : Muralidhar Polavarapu

Viper TV - Documentaries
Wow amazing
Comment from : Viper TV - Documentaries

John Trabakino
01/16/1458 BCE
Comment from : John Trabakino

U GO GIRL!!!!!! :))
Comment from : R-GW B

Riley Williams
27:43 Disturbing and sad. You can understand their reactions .
Comment from : Riley Williams

Giselle’s Amazing life
I’m learning about this at school
Comment from : Giselle’s Amazing life

Shawn Woods
Why Do They have white people playing Africans 🤦🏾‍♂️
Comment from : Shawn Woods

Qawi  Ariffin
Comment from : Qawi Ariffin

Chrissy Ann
Amazing job 💕
Comment from : Chrissy Ann

Martin Fyffe-Lawrence
These ppl always trying to depict themselves into my ancestors ancient civilization - She was a black woman - not Caucasian with a false wig! #LMAO
Comment from : Martin Fyffe-Lawrence

Kungfukitty 85
Sub to PewDiePie
Comment from : Kungfukitty 85

Jayden Gonzalez
Yo why does MR. Hasswa look like he has waves?
Comment from : Jayden Gonzalez

Lucija Petrovic
She is beautiful... Very beautiful
Comment from : Lucija Petrovic

Rondk Gameel
I’m still curious about the screaming mummy 🌝😱
Comment from : Rondk Gameel

tee mills
i love it
Comment from : tee mills

tee mills
this is like my 100th time watching this!!! hahah
Comment from : tee mills

Jonathan Nelson
whats up suckers
Comment from : Jonathan Nelson

Kamilla Iqbal
Thanks for the video. Good to learn about the past always. Can teach us so many lessons!!
Comment from : Kamilla Iqbal

Comment from : Mortemer

Aden Boogie
The Ancient Egyptians were never European by any ancient sources. In the Egyptian book of the dead a scribe from the 18th Dynasty said we came from the beginning of the nile(Uganda, kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia). 10 Greeks said they were black
Comment from : Aden Boogie

Alyssa Pena
wow who likes ancient egyptian history!!!??
Comment from : Alyssa Pena

dj rider Hati
Holly shit that amasing just wow
Comment from : dj rider Hati

Priyanka Tanwar
How are they shifting mummy with bare hands. I would be horrified to go near it let alone touching it lifting it and shifting it.
Comment from : Priyanka Tanwar

sahana muthukumar
I always scared of my Arabic teacher 👩‍🏫 because she is coming from Egypt 🇪🇬
Comment from : sahana muthukumar

See " Ancient Egyptian Art They Don't Show" in my uploads

Sub-Saharan African history in the the description or uploads

Also. African and African American achievements in description

Comment from : shwat2013

Egyptians Were Not Black.
Comment from : Ɲɛѵɛʀɱѳʀɛ

I love Mr. Hawass' enthusism! He gets so excited his eyes glitter...
Comment from : Mj

the skin disease might not be genetic. cosidering that there was no antibiotcs durin that time, it is entirely possible it was justa contagion that affected them. only way would be to do DNA testing onthe lesions.
Comment from : Femster1968

Aden Boogie
We were Kings and shit while your Europeans were in the Caucasus mountain caves and shit
Comment from : Aden Boogie

Ken’Niyah Tube
This is fake because Egyptians are mf black so let’s tell the truth about the real shit cause are schools are telling us half of the stories but the truth so tell us the mf TRUTH
Comment from : Ken’Niyah Tube

D. Easterling
Clickbait 🙄....I don’t know who that white lady is but that IS NOT queen Hatshepsut.
Comment from : D. Easterling

To your UnknøwnLover
We watched this in class
Comment from : To your UnknøwnLover

Cristopher Chunchi Morocho
I going to tell my teacher and my friends about this
Comment from : Cristopher Chunchi Morocho

Aden Boogie
And pharoah Ramses III DNA test was sub suharian African too
Comment from : Aden Boogie

Aden Boogie
We all know Ancient Egyptians was black and Europeans want to be like us. Thats why I don't get mad at them trying to take our history I just laugh at it. Cause I'll never entertain the idea of a African civilization not being black.
Comment from : Aden Boogie

To say ancient Egypt wasn't originally black (Beja type in appearence) is like saying African American youth didn't create breakin and hip hop because nowadays mostly non-blacks bboy and rapp
Comment from : shwat2013

That sweet lady that saved moses from the water when she was 14
Comment from : M E

Im in need of a Hatshepsut movie except hollywood will fuck it up and whitewash her with some fake tanned european becky
Comment from : charissecoal

ok i’m tired of race argument. Egypt was on the mediterranean and bordered the middle east and the black nation of nubia. they were MIXED RACED! some were black, (the population was mostly black before 3000 BC), some were middle eastern, some were mediterranean, some were all 3. skin tone and race varied from medium/tan-deep rich skin.
Comment from : AmazinglyPotato

bee bop
so, no mention of whether the tooth was put in the liver box to give her ease in the afterworld or to make sure that she still had pain as a malevolent act. at least with the tooth in there it made sure that there was a tenuous link between the box and the mummy. ( eh-hm.. for all you conspi theorists ha! ) another small detail was that the original? sketch of the canopic box showed that it sported axum church style squares at each corner, and yet the museum version did not. apart from all that it was very good. I will shut up now.
Comment from : bee bop

Jason Woodford
i'd be honored to have scientist find my bag of bones to be of enough intrest ,to study with their best toys.hellow year 4040 a.d. the gold is in a jar burried behind the....
Comment from : Jason Woodford

Trixiesongzxoxo 2012
I love Egyptian history especially since I’ve just recently found out that I am Egyptian 😂
Comment from : Trixiesongzxoxo 2012

Lyna Kiya
And why was Neferure’s tomb in the middle of nowhere instead of in the Valley of the Kings /Queens?
Comment from : Lyna Kiya

Natasha Ford
People need to study

Comment from : Natasha Ford

Natasha Ford
Its gonna be some melanated person who is gonna claim,,,,, black this Black that,,,,, y'all need to study geography and the globe and Maps while you at it of back in these times
Comment from : Natasha Ford

A.R. Martin-L.
I’m surprised she isn’t more celebrated. The mastermind/architect of the valley of the Kings?
Hello. 🥀♒️🦂

Comment from : A.R. Martin-L.

A.R. Martin-L.
Roooooooooolling with the Homies.

Comment from : A.R. Martin-L.

westie 1980
When Kara went up the ladder my heart almost stopped as much as I love to see this for real one day I would never be able to do that. I’m so scared of heights I wouldn’t be able to go up ten steps let alone almost 100 ft ladder
Comment from : westie 1980

Anime_ Chan_T
Aren’t these tombs like sacred places that pple aren’t allowed in? How do they film these things?
Comment from : Anime_ Chan_T

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