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Join us at AlienCon to see your favorite experts from Ancient Aliens!
Comment from : HISTORY

Sahara Official
This is what they show on History Channel at night
Comment from : Sahara Official

Sunil Nair
Matlab meri Samjh ke pare hai.

Matlab apni language. Bhul jao. Aur shudr ke Paas ho apke hisab se. ROFLMAO sanskrit. ROFLMAO

Haan ji ungli kar raha hu. ROFLMAO

Pehchana nahi? Kamaal ho gaya.

Roomaal chahiye. Do arth hai. Peta. ROFLMAO

Comment from : Sunil Nair

Sunil Nair
Le titi. Betichod ko bol a nahi ata.

Hum sanskrit. Jaante te bhul gaye. ROFLMAO

Tark samrat. ROFLMAO

Acha ji. Okay ji.

Europe me sanskrit bolnewali super civilization thi. ROFLMAO

Insaan tha nahi. Aur ye super civilization. Beta hum jaise logo se pooch lo. Gaand ka tel. Nikal I padi wapis pehle jaisa karne ke liye. Last stage hai. Isme tayy karte hai ki aap pehle log jaise ho gaye ya nahi. Chintan karnewala Baat Hai. Varna. Wapis drawing. Board. ROFLMAO tok dinga dubara. ROFLMAO

Comment from : Sunil Nair

Bearfoot In Da Park
she looked a tiny bit inbred...
actually horribly inbred.

Comment from : Bearfoot In Da Park

I’m ashamed of the history channel for this hogwash.
Comment from : nosillaxoc

Sasha Hershey
As they describe all the alien features I know I have most lol maybe I’m an alien too
Comment from : Sasha Hershey

Sakura CardCaptor
I love this series for its stupid “professors.” It’s stupid funny entertainment.
Comment from : Sakura CardCaptor

Asma sheikh Sheiikh
Since no one has seen aliens yet then how do they know that aliens look like👽,duh.
Comment from : Asma sheikh Sheiikh

Prince shan
Egypt people still follow Evi rules i don't like them all those people Evi in Egypt
Comment from : Prince shan

d w
Comment from : d w

Heru Imhotepp
The history channel is pretty stupid.
Comment from : Heru Imhotepp

The spotlight
What if they were aliens
And controlling the earth and making humans slave and than probably a profhet did something and they were gone. Just a theory

Comment from : The spotlight

Willard Cormier
If that statue was real the nose would be knocked off
Comment from : Willard Cormier

David E. Velandia
This would be a satire hit, if History didn't produce it itself.
Comment from : David E. Velandia

Benjamin Szymanski
Is any American a single ever allowed to be there
Comment from : Benjamin Szymanski

Family GRAY
So, they don't want to accept ancient Egypt was black, so they prefer saying they were aliens. Smh
Comment from : Family GRAY

Was God or jesus a human
Comment from : The UNKNOWN Show

Mason Wolfe
Did god say?
Comment from : Mason Wolfe

Reginald Lake
When if i told you a aliens is fekel matter n human membrain for a robitic wife on the earth gird for protection? To live to finish my jorney of?
Comment from : Reginald Lake

Valdo vic
Maybe its true the testimony of a boy from Russia that he live in mars thousand of years ago. And born again in earth. He told that Egyptian people was close relationship in creature of mars.
Comment from : Valdo vic

Arthzie Home
They believed in Aliens but not in God
Comment from : Arthzie Home

Egyptians: He shall rest in peace
Historians: Hold my ancient tea

Comment from : 지효차테사

August XIII
Do. x a b
Comment from : August XIII

Hovo Vardan
Yes,she was,,,There is a country,which is called Armenia,And there was a country Mittani,,And both two lands were Hurrians mixed with protoarmenians,,,And her real name was Nwer-tiwt,which in old armenian means -the God`s gift,All pharaohs and priests were Hurrians ,And that is the truth,I think the aliens are living nowadays and are the most o so-called humankind,
Comment from : Hovo Vardan

Wheels Squad
Nefertitis parents are unknown
That doesnt make sense
She might be a orphan
Like if u agree

Comment from : Wheels Squad

Giant Runt
History channel at 4 AM:

Comment from : Giant Runt

Tonyluis Borrego
This Egyptian queen was a anunnaki (alien)😈
Comment from : Tonyluis Borrego

Richard Byfield
white thieves digging up tombs in African land and making lies about their stories while they paint over it.
Comment from : Richard Byfield

Ok I have a thought, and I'm just putting this out there. Could Nefertiti , and the other Egyptians just be wearing um idk, a hat of some sort, or a special headdress?
Comment from : JORDAN MILAN

Chelsea Christina
I have a heard that a bigger sized hip,a belly that draws over d hip are symptoms of obesity...precisely speaking an obese man😋😋😋🤣🤣how does these symptoms prove a man to b inhuman🤗🤗🤗funny but still interesting...😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩
Comment from : Chelsea Christina

Steve Jarvis
I don't understand all the doubters or non believers in the comments. I myself am an alien from space. Earth itself has a lot of aliens living among you humans too. We have in fact been among you since the beginning of your species and have lived upon your planet even before you have. Many of you humans have even been turned into aliens just like us and many of you will be but you just don't know it yet. We don't want your planet either because we don't think it's going to be habitable for too much longer, therefore it's of no real use to us. We do enjoy experimenting with and observing your violent and primitive species though. We find it more amusing than any other parts of the universe we've observed. Some of us even make bets on when you're going to wipe yourselves out. It's quite fun. We could travel through time and find out quicker but that would ruin the fun of the betting game.
Comment from : Steve Jarvis

Phillip Honeysett
Had there own walk n Moses or in the back took off gone n no reverse n a shuffle is no huddle n direct that's Egypt n gods above
Comment from : Phillip Honeysett

Maybe it was just fashion at that time to show it like that. Why do we have to think in such a complicated way? I mean, look at fashion now, people wear inflatable tubs as "fashion". I wonder what our descendants would think if they saw us.
Comment from : Temperature

sunny kumar
Anything which is beyond imagination, your channels tell them Ancient Aliens.
When Scientists Research Anything unusual other than your country, you also told them Aliens.
You peoples are totally Racists.

Comment from : sunny kumar

sunny kumar
May be she had done Surgery over her head 🤣.
Comment from : sunny kumar

Unknown Gamer
There are tombs there are mummys there are pyramids but NEVER are there ANY machinery or tools that they made the golden coffins pyramids maybe all that got taken away when there leaders left 👆 (pointing up) i think the original film stargate where trying to tell us something especially the end where you find out the Egyptian pharaohs (leaders) where all in fact aliens and the other Egyptians where just mere slaves which most probably answers why no machinery was ever left because it was never the Egyptians property in the 1st place it all belonged to the aliens so when they left they took it all with them
Comment from : Unknown Gamer

Savage JoKer
Ik none will believe me but I'm an alien trust me
Comment from : Savage JoKer

Charlottes Angels
I understand why people dig up theses burial places but I wouldn’t want someone to dig me up and have me on display and people to look at me and take pictures of me so I do think it is wrong and dishonouring. X
Comment from : Charlottes Angels

Centuries later I bet people will be puzzled that there used to be aliens like superman and wolverine etc amongst us 😄😄😄
Comment from : FK A

Is aliens look at their heads omggg probably all the ancients became aliens because they’re head is long and not like our they have big eyes like aliens and big head like aliens 🤯🤯🤯🤯
Comment from : FBI

cute but psyho
Leave it alone..
Comment from : cute but psyho

Syed Iftekhar
Wanted in hindi
Comment from : Syed Iftekhar

Aravindh Ramesh
Queen Nefertiti - " Maybe if i wear something big and elongated on my head , i would look beautifull "
Ancient Aliens - " She had an elongated head and therefore she must be an alien "

Comment from : Aravindh Ramesh

Driftingcurve 20
No one:
Archeologists at the pyramid: FBI,OPEN UP!!!!

Comment from : Driftingcurve 20

Hussey Ah
Can History channel say anything with surety...?
Comment from : Hussey Ah

Donald Fry
"Was Queen Nefertiti of this world?" Yes.
Comment from : Donald Fry

Head binding is a thing in African countries up until this day, I believe that royal babies maybe had their heads binded as way to show their royal bloodline and for decoration. Some of these researchers will rather call ancient Egyptian royals aliens than actual Africans which they are 😒
Comment from : SpaceCoven

Basic Stick Figure
The Egyptian Kings practiced inbreeding for thousands of years
Comment from : Basic Stick Figure

Jon Linton
This should be illegal. they should be decimated
Comment from : Jon Linton

Jon Linton
Thieves. they all african, ALL THEM
Comment from : Jon Linton

Goldenboy 214
Why is Egyptian artifacts always missing their noses
Comment from : Goldenboy 214

Jorge Clavero
I remember when History Channel started it was a professional and serious channel promoting the history of Nations, cultures, demography of humankind and biographies, I don't understand how they ended creating pseudo documentaries and B.S.
Comment from : Jorge Clavero

George Washington
>I'm not saying it was Aliens... but it was Aliens
>History Channel

South Park really nailed this on the head.

Comment from : George Washington

Ray Busa
Nobody really know how everything came about everything is an assumption...It's all an idea...Even the Bible..It's made to control people imagine if nobody will be afraid of anything there will be killing s left and right...Why does the Vatican don't release everything that is written in the Bible..And only chosen parts....Just think
Comment from : Ray Busa

Mike G.
If I told you Nefertiti and the Pharaohs were "Ultra Dimensional", would you believe me? I know the secret but nobody would understand because nobody knows what the "Internal Life Portal" and the "External Life Portals" are. The Experts call the "External Life Portal" the "after life". The "Experts" don't understand what it means. For example, the Ankh has eleven items that it holds a secret and Ra isn't a sun god, he is a god of the "clear Light" just like Enlil from the Annunaki. Nobody will even question this because they don't know.
Comment from : Mike G.

I hate browsing on pc cause I don't get to watch the video and see the comments at the same time.
Comment from : Nur.

norek mith
Let the people rest vampires
Comment from : norek mith

Bulito :0
I still don’t understand why people say million years ago even tho it’s only been 2019 years.
Comment from : Bulito :0

This was definitely shown on television past midnight
Comment from : aintisab

All Seeing Egg
Comment from : All Seeing Egg

Gaurav Bora

like seriously guys this is a bunch of baloney. cmon. sheesh

Comment from : Gaurav Bora

Raineece Yee Sin
Didn't ancient egyptians bind skulls with cloth to make them longer?
Comment from : Raineece Yee Sin

That's why nobody respects History Channel anymore.
Comment from : ブルーノBruno

David McMullan
Utter tripe but spectacularly entertaining.
Comment from : David McMullan

theodore lovesu
Quick answer to the thumbnail question is NO.
Comment from : theodore lovesu

Yes, it was.
Comment from : EzeroxRold

Yeadeh Amazing
Just come to listen to the lies of the new human race the European.
Comment from : Yeadeh Amazing

The Bible teaches forget things of the past, you’re not going to figure it out and anything man made shall eventually dissipate into nothingness including mortal man🤣🤣🤣.
Comment from : SIERRA DONAVEN

k4sms callsbackup
More bullcrap than history..
Comment from : k4sms callsbackup

Cedric Hua
Maybe aging is a disease and Elon Musk is an alien that wants to return to Mars.
Comment from : Cedric Hua

Keith Citizen
those 2 doors could rewrite history.
Comment from : Keith Citizen

Lily The Pudding
Ancient Aliens Version 3001 AD : Was President Donald Trump of This World? (Mysterious Music Start To Play)
Ancient Astronaut Theorists : Yes!

Comment from : Lily The Pudding

The Jovial Brit
Those hidden passages actually allowed him to fake his own death and escape to Columbia, where he now lives a happy life selling doorbells. His most recent doorbell is methane activated, top notch security. It's called the Toot 'n' Come In security system. Fact.
Comment from : The Jovial Brit

Omnipotent Immortal
The origin of human race is 😱😮
Comment from : Omnipotent Immortal

M’kay bye
So i’m an alien too???? Nice
Comment from : M’kay bye

Jaro Joosten
Erich von Daniken is a liar and a storyteller...says enough about The video!
Comment from : Jaro Joosten

Gerard Miller
Yeas , some of them are already here. The aliens have lived here before, and have died, and are now living in us. They're DNA is from the beginning. They created Adam and Eve. And the angels are actually physical beings, writin, in Ezekiel chapter one. Ezekiel describes 4 beings, who came, in a round craft that flew back and forth like lightning.
The 4 angels are described as having four wings each. Wings described as aircraft like wings. Not bird like wings. As people always tell.

Comment from : Gerard Miller

Suleyman Eliyev
На планете. первый рождения человек мушщина потом женщина. Ето Человечиский рождения было несколько
Comment from : Suleyman Eliyev

Ankit Hansda
Is Thanos real?
According to ancient archeologist theorists YES🤣🤣🤣🤣

Comment from : Ankit Hansda

man he was just fat he ate good 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Comment from : 5.7 VIRUS

Alex Hampton
The sun actually disciplined me to apply sunscreen
Comment from : Alex Hampton

Max Fury
They have yet to unearth a mummy with an elongated skull...consider that
Comment from : Max Fury

Aryan Patriot
Low-IQ Negroids are butthurt to hear that most of the rulers of Ancient Egypt were more Aryan (White) than anything else. Sorry Negros, but the Marxist propaganda and SJW pseudoscience cannot keep you on a pedestal nor hide the truth forever. "BuT MuH WaKanDa"!
Comment from : Aryan Patriot

Emanuel Mafalo
Do we really have to dig them out...what if they where hidden for a reason
Comment from : Emanuel Mafalo

Rap Rap
I'm getting xenomorph vibes from the queen
Comment from : Rap Rap

Y’all keep playing around in these pyramids. You’re going to eventually find something that you wished you would have left buried.
Comment from : S A

Sam Morales
What if they were trying some sort of drugs that made them feel as though they were leaving earth then coming back during the come down ?
Comment from : Sam Morales

Maw 3615054
You've got it all wrong, I can read Hieroglyphics, it says :"King Edun Nuffin".
Comment from : Maw 3615054

Atlas Atlantis
Queen Nefertiti is and always will be The Queen Of Atlantis. Babylon Is Falling and With It The Illusion of False Fabricated History 🦁
Comment from : Atlas Atlantis

so women with wide hips, big belly ang elongated head are aliens? amazing,.

that can't be just an elongated, fashioned-inspired turban, is it? 😶 🙄

Comment from : ariz_tet

Kaden Holdaas
Why is everybody on this comment section fighting about race? Grow up!
Comment from : Kaden Holdaas

WinTheLottery Music
I know the secret
Comment from : WinTheLottery Music

Kendrick Jacocks
Nefertiti was attributed to her aunt, Queen Ty who helped her learn to be Queen. Otherwise, she has no other Earth connection? Maybe they had revelations about the traditional planets and astrological influences. They are famous for their
Comment from : Kendrick Jacocks

Tia Marie
1.2 does not like. Why? Because we really dont really know. I say let history reveal itself rather digging and assuming. Nefertiti is an Alien 💜
Comment from : Tia Marie

Ijem Music
He was the sun in flesh , thats why he considered himself not man or woman . He was one of the nine lords he was the key of transformation .
Comment from : Ijem Music

Apocalypse assassin

Comment from : Apocalypse assassin

Jad Mansour
There's no hidden chambers inside the tomb and probably nafartiti was black with the long jaw and plumpy head and she's not extraterestrial. The big belly, well they're fat that's all. They're all wrong assumptions. Stop manipulating with people's thoughts. Thank you.
Comment from : Jad Mansour

Uno Only
Every year it’s a new story they continue to tamper with our history our “AFRICAN HISTORY” so we’ll never know the truth , enslave and kill our ancestors so they can’t tell us the truth.
Comment from : Uno Only

farida MD
You all should try riding horses at night beside the pyramids 💖 .
I recommend this as an Egyptian 💖

Comment from : farida MD

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