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Ancient Architects
Hello! I’m full of a cold and this took me ages to make, so apologies for the poor narration and editing - it was almost impossible! The initiation idea is just an idea but sound waves and resonance I believe are the function of the “air” shafts - whether they’re for another reason other than initiation is of course open to debate! If you want to support me on Patreon, please visit: www.patreon.com/ancientarchitects
Comment from : Ancient Architects

Ashneel Kumar
The external pyramid structure is only half of the whole structure which goes below the earth and has not been explored yet.
Comment from : Ashneel Kumar

Chuck Jordan
4:48 I had the thought that if you SHORT these two metal conductors at the end of the passage, something might happen. It might be good to see if there is a resistance between them, or a current.
Comment from : Chuck Jordan

Nathan Halicki
There are symbols in the shaft that can date the Pyramids.
Comment from : Nathan Halicki

timothy longmore
I like the theory proposed on Ancient Aleins. Giant machine. Air shafts were used to add chemicals for some sort of reaction. No good reason to believe this other than , sounds more reasonable than burial tomb. Not to under estimate a pharos hubris. Imagine Donald trumps ediface if someone else was paying for it !
Comment from : timothy longmore

Horus Eye
Richie and your theory that the shaft is a resonant pipe to amplify sound waves seem less convincing...

Egyptian mythology suggests that Robert Bouval's constellation hypothesis is more accurate.

Comment from : Horus Eye

I dont think acoustics were one of he reasons pyramids were built.
Comment from : BlankUberEverybody

Bujumi Nodstrom
dibby dibby dib, dibby dibby dib, dibby dibby dib, doo doo daa
Comment from : Bujumi Nodstrom

Paul Chamberlain
Worst theory ever!
Comment from : Paul Chamberlain

Rob finch
You have changed your way of thinking recently!!
Comment from : Rob finch

Stagger Lee
also the queens shafts may have been open to the outside when the pyramid was its original/previous size before they added the kings chamber and another many layers
Comment from : Stagger Lee

Stagger Lee
or they were just air shafts they used until they sealed it upon completion. eh who knows. somebody does. just not the people who want to know...us!!!
Comment from : Stagger Lee

More likely the queens chamber was the original "chamber", but that got changed during construction and a more elaborate chamber built higher up. That would explain why those shafts stop.
Comment from : Tugela60

dan gabriel
Why nobody asks why there is not t a video from the Djedi mission in the Queen's chamber northern shaft? They just show the door and that s all. Hawass said they found tickets and paper in the north shaft. Where is the video and the photos? What are they hiding?
Comment from : dan gabriel

Ralph Ottens
Why don't you go onto to YouTube... oh wait that is where you do the majority of your 'research'. This time look up J.P. Houdin. His theories about the construction and use of the air shafts would make a great video for you. You are correct the shafts were communication but of a more ethereal sort. Voices. They were for communicating with the construction engineers. Now for something REALLY interesting look into what his theory of constructing the upper 2/3 of the pyramid are.
Comment from : Ralph Ottens

Daniel Yap
"How many souls did Kufu have" hahahaha I'm fucking dead
Comment from : Daniel Yap

Another very good video and some not usually seen photos - very useful. There does seem to be deliberate design for acoustic engineering in the pyramid. Have you read the work of engineer Chris Dunn on the Great Pyramid as machine? He has an interesting explanation of how the "Queen's" chamber and it's shafts worked. His theory accounts for all the features of the shafts - the copper "handles", why the shafts were not connected to the chamber in their full height and width, the bronze grapnel like device and the staining and erosion inside the shafts. Even though his ideas were worked out before the drilling of Gantenbrink's "door", what was found on the other side strengthened his theory rather than weakened it. His book "The Giza Power Plant" is available for not very much on Amazon and is well worth a read for an engineer's examination of the pyramid, even if you don't agree with all his findings.
Comment from : 2Langdon

Dave Wagner
I don't know.... that is an unimaginable amount of labor and time to spend building a a wonder like that, to serve a purpose that would have also been accomplished with drugs, lol... I think acoustics may have played a part in the shaft's purpose, but I don't buy the "spiritual ritual" thing for a moment...
Comment from : Dave Wagner

Joe B
It definitely seemed to have been a machine of some sort. I think the puzzle will be solved when another chamber is opened.
Comment from : Joe B

Paul Kelly
Pressure equalizers, one for air and one for water. Water one has granite ball check valve.
Comment from : Paul Kelly

Greg Espinoza
I was taught this star story in a museum presentation. It will die hard unfortunately. Sound tubes or other remarkable piping use is logical.
Comment from : Greg Espinoza

Canaldiver 59
Nice but next time talk, don't sing the entire thing in A# - D#
Comment from : Canaldiver 59

Matthew Perry
Good theory thanks
Comment from : Matthew Perry

Stig Martin
So it was a big trip machine? I wanna go!
Comment from : Stig Martin

Andrew Pegman
But you said the shafts could have been used for water to dissolve salt in the elevator theory
Comment from : Andrew Pegman

Terible Tom Perry
Not handles........ Electrical leads!!!!!!!??!!!!
Comment from : Terible Tom Perry

Aaron Gilbert
I love your videos. I always feel like I am on the verge of understanding the whole mess. I do have a hard time with this theory though. Effectively the pyramid is a giant whistle that works like the pope choosing smoke signal? With all the mathematical correlations with PI and the earth, not to mention ALL the structures on the same lines. Seems like there must be more to it somehow.
Comment from : Aaron Gilbert

peter tuann
you raise great points, nobody wants dirt and debris to enter burial chamber, so those air shafts make no sense
Comment from : peter tuann

David Corbett
The broken copper handle could of broke when the anchor type hook was hooked onto it and pulled then it snaped
Comment from : David Corbett

David Corbett
Im thinking that the queens chamber shafts were firstly used to feed ropes through to pull up stones to the Q C. The shafts dont go all the way to outside the pyramid and the edge of the shaft stonework is rounded off around the edges
Comment from : David Corbett

Shaban Interactive
Zahai Hawass. this man is an occultist. also he does not believe in Radars.
Comment from : Shaban Interactive

Hendrik Karilaid
I like the lift idea. Maybe these shafts were ending below the floor and stone balls were let to roll down to initiate a chain-reaction of breaking supporting pillars. These could be made of stone or geramic pipes filled with specific type of sand...
Comment from : Hendrik Karilaid

Stiff Richard
They're not handles damnit! Look at the size of the shaft and picture the size of these so-called handles. The great pyramid was some kind of power plant. They didnt build it to chant in it.
Comment from : Stiff Richard

Tio Caiman
I am wondering if they took samples of the air when they drilled that door inside the shaft finding another dead end. That air was there since the pyramid was built and may be analized to find its composition like the air in bubbles in ancient ice.
Comment from : Tio Caiman

Joe Regan
I agree with the acoustic purpose of the shafts. I think it's similar to how a guitar is hollow, but why was there so much salt found in the queens chamber? That needs to be explained. And what was the purpose for all of the vibration?

I think the purpose of the sound was to vibrate the quartz in the granite used, in the acoustically tuned areas, and produce an electrical current to apply to the water to extract chlorine gas from the saltwater that was passing through, and then drip it back down into the water supply, mix it in, and pump it back out to the city safe to drink.

I think the pyramid was a water treatment plant.

Comment from : Joe Regan

karl Kruger
how come the open shafts are not full of sand?
Comment from : karl Kruger

Kamara Kum
Maybe it's just air and comunication channel during the building of the pyramid
Comment from : Kamara Kum

Nadie Durán
So the only purpose of the great pyramid, that amazing and huge engineering construction, was just to make a sound resonation room? Sorry but it sounds like too much work for merely an initiation ceremony that has no practical use. It has to be something else.
Comment from : Nadie Durán

RKKH Hansen

Comment from : RKKH Hansen

Scott Damery
The shafts were used for transferring power from the inner pyramid power source to the outside. Like antenna for sending power.
Comment from : Scott Damery

Peter Lukes
Hi, my theory on the pyramids was that they were beacons to show the way. The so called air shafts were where the rope wicks were fitted. The pyramid was supposed to work like an oil lamp. Ounce lit on the outside the flames and the gold covered pyramidium would been seen for miles. This would act as a beacon on the night horizon and show the way. The center kings chamber was where the oil was kept. But possibly it worked against the Egyptians also as it may have guided the way for invading armies. I believe they were built in pre dynastic times by an advanced civilization and never intended for pharoahs burials.
Comment from : Peter Lukes

Marty Sevy
Thank you for your thought provoking videos, I love them. Aroha!
Comment from : Marty Sevy

todd prifogle
The known passages and voids may be only a percentage of those to yet be known .
Comment from : todd prifogle

Just read Christopher Dunn's The Giza Power Plant. The pyramid was a MASER. The shafts in the queen's chamber were drip feeding 2 chemicals that were creating hydrogen when combined (the copper handles acted as a fluid switch to signal the need for more chemicals). The hydrogen was travelling up the grand gallery and was brought to a higher state in the king's chamber via an electromagnetic field created by hitting the quartz contained in the KC granit with a 440Hz sound wave (amplified via resonators in the grand gallery). One shaft in the KC was the input, carrying the very weak microwave which exists everywhere since the Big Bang. The other shaft was collecting the output: a highly collimated microwave beam, amplified through the granit coffer. If you're interested just read the book.
Comment from : Lebonze

Why was Khufu going to originally be in turd in the Queens Chamber- was it connected to a sewer at some stage?
Comment from : AndyPutt1

He cleaned them out with boring rods and water? How exciting really could you expect them to be? They are just for cleaning.
Comment from : AndyPutt1

juan carlos araujo
All this theory are ridiculous the pyramid is much older and definitely is not a sound machine this structure was not created for making musical notes or for any pharos nor tumbs
Comment from : juan carlos araujo

Robert Brandywine
Sorry, I don't find your theory very persuasive.
Comment from : Robert Brandywine

has anyone mentioned the weird acoustics of the mayan pyramids? theres a spot you can stand in front of the pyramid and when you clap you'll hear a bird echo or something.
Comment from : prismane

Billy's CISSE
We know that around the pyramid there is high density of magnetic flux ,that bloc inside so called coffeen that increases magnetic flux.Then what they needed to do is just free energy by electrostatic throught the atmosphere carying dipole on theor hands.scientist must know ,b cause Am little scientist .
Comment from : Billy's CISSE

Billy's CISSE
Hi am not agree you saying king chamber ,because all king chamber are decorated with artistic writing ,hyerogliph. The chamber shows water was abondanly present there.
Comment from : Billy's CISSE

zurdo z
resonates at F sharp? Then it would also resonate at A, since F sharp is the enharmonic of A=440 hertz. Hell I don't believe any of this. In other words, I can play an A Major chord and you can play an F sharp Minor chord and we end up with a A Major 6th chord.
Comment from : zurdo z

David Mayhall
The Egyptians had advanced technology. They made battery's Bagdad battery. And they had fluorescent lights the serpent light. They also weaver copper wire like macremea it would amplify DC current by magnetism a copper rope wire that amplified DC electricty. They also had wireless lights globes filled with chemical gases that would illuminate
Comment from : David Mayhall

David Mayhall
Notice the burn marks on the shafts? Possible energy conduit? There is story's of missing technology removed from the pyramids. Frequency amplifiers round spheres on shafts from small to large. They was believed to amplify energy, they appeared to be like static amplifiers, tesla coil technology. Believed to use the underground flow of water current to create a electrostatic charge, that was amplified between the granite floors, shafts was believed to be a energy conduit transmitting energy into space. This energy could be used by a starcraft.
Comment from : David Mayhall

So basically binaural sound was created inside the pyramid which at different frequencies can affect different parts of the body because it tunes the body to resonate with the universe’s frequencies maybe something they felt was important to be able to meet with Anubis so they could reach the afterlife either that or they used to blow/let air enter to trick/make the locals believe that the gods were speaking to them
Comment from : GwanaGirl

The Droid
The sound theory is possiblely correct, connect that to water, and you are ready to extract hydrogen from water. Later use this hydrogen for energy or convert it to electricity in other areas around the pyramids.
Comment from : The Droid

Zahi Hawass is a sneaky cunt. I rest my case.
Comment from : Gērokov

Free energy, that’s what the pyramids purpose was
Comment from : Fox

Rhiannon Lynn
Well, as it was built for the purposes of the ascension of the pharaoh upon their physical death (they took their body with them, dissolving it to its component atoms; this is extremely rare, and most leave their body behind when they ascend), it is somewhat odd that there's air shafts...unless they're some sort of light shafts, too? Letting a ray of light caress a certain point of stone on certain days? Or whatever lit the place needed air (unlikely if they used crystals..)? A lot to think on.
Comment from : Rhiannon Lynn

Allen Wilbur
At 7:19 can you clarify? Hawas's 2nd door??, roof cracks??, which door is cracks photo, not the block immediately behind??
Comment from : Allen Wilbur

Rowan O’neill
What if it was a giant vacuum pump like a heat operated vacuum motor
Comment from : Rowan O’neill

Michael Woods
It is a multi age structure. As you go deeper or lower, the stones are larger.
Comment from : Michael Woods

Michael Woods
Each chamber was the center of a different era pyramid.
Comment from : Michael Woods

Remember My Hug
So F# to summon the aliens?

Love Richie’s work.

Comment from : Remember My Hug

smack down76
I've given you a 👎for the plain and simple fact that I don't pay my internet provider to have ads thrown in my face while half way watching a video. It's badder enough have the one or two ads at the beginning of every video and then at the end without having them pop up while watching a video. My data to good to waste watching those who insist on jamming ads down everybody's throat's while watching their videos. Now you have one less subscriber that will find someone else that values my time.
Comment from : smack down76

Bee Dt714
Did you notice how you drag on every single ending word in every single sentenceeee?
Comment from : Bee Dt714

Jon Judice
I wasnt even finished watching yet and I just saw more evidence of what they were doing
Comment from : Jon Judice

Jon Judice
I just stumbled onto some information that doesn't give a definite answer to what was going on with the pyramid, in fact they are kinda unrelated but in a bigger picture they are very related. It has to do with the main credible theories of what the structure was used for and certain types of weather phenomena that dont happen very often. I mean like a handful times in our recorded history. If your interested I can show images and links for you
Comment from : Jon Judice

Bruce Bennett
Maybe they were used to communicate to one another
Comment from : Bruce Bennett

Paul Moore
Ever considered been a bingo caller?..
Comment from : Paul Moore

Maybe someone could model the pyramid in one of those programs that calculate fluid dynamics?
The audio and sound theory is very interesting.
What if the shafts in the kings chamber were used as ports, just like on a bass reflex (vented) loudspeaker enclosure?
And the ports in the queens chamber could be passive radiators to keep rosonances in check. Maybe to prevent too loud sounds that are not wanted in a certain chant.

Comment from : KaxLon

Mind blow: The shafts are shafts drilled by previous forgotten civilizations who tried to find out things about the pyramids.
Comment from : Verbunden

Richard Redner
Couldnt the ball have been used to roll and smash against the blocking stone, then using the hooked rod to grab the ball and roll it back and repeat.
I think these shafts are pressure relief ports used in conjunction with the opening and operation of a specific chamber opening. Probably used in tandem with sand.

Comment from : Richard Redner

No Left Turns
What was the purpose of the Great Pyramid(GP)?
Well, what did the Egyptians say its purpose was?
The Egyptians never mentioned the GP
so it had the least valid purpose
which is to be just a pile of rubble

What? What purpose does a pile of rubble have?
Just one purpose
to hide the thing it covers up

The GP hides a granite temple complex
there is no evidence the Egyptians built it
the Great Sphinx is another anomaly that turns out to be 10,000+ years old
the Egyptians didn't build it either

So the purpose of the GP was to hide a temple that existed on the Giza plateau long before the Egyptians showed up

Comment from : No Left Turns

Bunson Honeydew
The other side of the copper handles makes it look like all the other action was happening on the other side of the door. Sound traveling would answer why the shafts are not sealed better.
Comment from : Bunson Honeydew

Canadian Man
The survivors of the Great Flood needed to breath fresh air and those shafts were it. There .. mystery solved. Pyramids is the “ARK” , 12000 years ago. I suppose chanting kumbaya in the pyramid would also provide great resonance.
Comment from : Canadian Man

Mr Olsen
Its one big antenna, water affect reception of radio signals and make it much stronger when tuned correct.
Comment from : Mr Olsen

Crazy Russian Bot
I dont buy the sound theory. Sounds too much like New Age hippie garbage to build this massive structure just to have some noobs initiated with a silly sound created by the wind outside.
Comment from : Crazy Russian Bot

Jonah Thomas
The "handles" in the shafts could not possibly be handles on the inside. Because the passage is not nearly wide enough for anyone to crawl to it and pull or push on the handle.
Comment from : Jonah Thomas

zurdo z
very complicated.
Comment from : zurdo z

Futurewolf Films
Usually wonderful work disrupted by ludicrous, unsubstantiated conclusions based on invisible magic mushroom logic.
Comment from : Futurewolf Films

sound?👎not very sound explanation
Comment from : nightmisterio

Brian G
Nope. The acoustic theory is just as goofy as the power plant theory.
Comment from : Brian G

Michael Mallal
Maybe the shafts once reached the outside of the pyramid but were built over later? They may have been to bring air in for the workers?
Comment from : Michael Mallal

david smith
Power plant
Comment from : david smith

Mohammad Rasi

Thanks for this great video. We have two other similar pyramids next to it so what could be their functions? What if all the Giza was one machin and they all had to work to develop something? Honestly I don’t think if these huge structure could have only one purpose. It must be much more important that it had the honor to be printed out back of the one dollar bill!!!

Comment from : Mohammad Rasi

Vanja Pletikosić
Great theory! This would also go along with Michael Tellinger's theories about the technology of the ancient civilizations - he says it was sound based technology. So this theory very much makes sense. Especially if you take the tuning forks on many egyptian pictures into consideration, they obviously used sound in a way we do not understand.
Comment from : Vanja Pletikosić

Why do you talk so weird
Comment from : S P

Tony H
No it is nothing to do with accoustics . I think it definatly had some industrial use the internals were not produced with man in mind.
Comment from : Tony H

Leo Nardo
What needs two door to keep in or out ?
And why would you put handles on doors that will never gonna be open? Why not just use a block .there is a function to these doors

Comment from : Leo Nardo

Grady White
It is my belief that the pyramid was a giant capacitor
Comment from : Grady White

Tyler Johnson
You realize your dancing around the word computer. Remember the first computer was made from vacuums and what not. So this looks like it housed a massive super computer. And now it’s been completely stolen... does that fit the puzzle bro?
Comment from : Tyler Johnson

Fergus McClelland
Certainly, tuned resonant cavities is a good explanation. Maybe the stone blocks were part of the final tuning. Sound can do amazin things and there is a lot of evidence that Stonehenge and other megalithic structures were carved for tonal use and some of the oldest cave paintings are in parts of the caves where sound is strange. Thanks for another thought provoking film!
Comment from : Fergus McClelland

Orbital DickBeacon
There is twelve shafts total 4 descending down 1/4th the depth of Russian kola super bore hole 4 going up and 4 to the sides
Comment from : Orbital DickBeacon

Rebeca H
it's an ultrasound healing machine
Comment from : Rebeca H

Huh Vuy
Explore aphorisms
Comment from : Huh Vuy

I love your posts or videos or whatever they should be called.. I find them very interesting and the ideas exciting. I don't buy the sound idea though. They would have had to learn how to do this by experimentation. I have never seen any videos from anyone that even hint at this idea. I cant imagine the ancient Egyptians would say" lets try this" and get it right the first time. I have been inside the great pyramid but it was ten years ago and I had no interest in "alternative" history then. I sure have now though! I cant get enough of it. Please continue your great work. Perth, Western Australia.
Comment from : peterbarker56

angela taylor
There are shafts in the other large pyramid.
Comment from : angela taylor

Kevin Kaatz
Who the heck would go through all the effort, to build these, just to bury someone - especially when u can dig a ditch and toss-in their lifeless carcass?
Comment from : Kevin Kaatz

Kevin Kaatz
They were power plants, like Tesla towers, so stop talking about King/queen chambers
Comment from : Kevin Kaatz

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