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Pretty Different
Won't this is amazing we are so behind like how did they build that
Comment from : Pretty Different

The BluePrint
please watch my video on this. thanks. youtu.be/29CdfQvdoLo
Comment from : The BluePrint

First Last
According to Tesla's multiplier graph this is the most important location of the pyramid, which would be the place where the even numbers meet. There is another video of a 360 display of the inner pyramid and the small passage end right after. But why do they need a vent to block the end? was it not finished and the stone work is rought
Comment from : First Last

Mr E
Could have done without the spinning at the end
Comment from : Mr E

beast mode
At 20 second, where does that passage go? Why is nobody talking about it? You can see air ventilation going into it
Comment from : beast mode

Stevie Zion
i thought nobody been in there?
Comment from : Stevie Zion

yOu know it all
How did they even get through those tiny passages goodness.
Comment from : yOu know it all

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