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Antonio Brnadic
Last one is fake
Comment from : Antonio Brnadic

Ryan Morgan
Cmon boys man everyone is waiting on another steam wos the hold up ????
Comment from : Ryan Morgan

Jason Bsharps
Ole out
Comment from : Jason Bsharps

Levla 22
Played most days last year sometimes 18/24 hours and the best I had was X1500 sticking a 0 on the end of that is a dream lol lost everything though so I'm off gambling this year now. Lost my. Last £4k 2 days before xmas and tilted me massively!!!!
Comment from : Levla 22

Wooz Wooz
How much profit have these guys actually made over the year then? Yeah these are big wins but they must burn through money throughout the year.
Comment from : Wooz Wooz

kkrispy2009 P
2019 was an amazing year for fruity slots . Let's make 2020 a lot better guys more wild lines reindeer finger of calm. Wild line on danger high voltage and napoleon
Comment from : kkrispy2009 P

sammy Lauren
Get in lads !! Mint lads deserve mint wins ! More to come this year got a good feeling, gud luck xx
Comment from : sammy Lauren

Isak Granqvist
I like your videos but all the music and stuff is really annoying. The music is too much and it gives me a headache. Keep up the good work.
Comment from : Isak Granqvist

The noises josh makes, creases me everytime, absolutely love you guys, good luck for 2020 xxx
Comment from : caz

Sebastian Hetland
Hi, i have a serious question/accusation on BTG I like for you to check out? This is serious. I have now the last 5 days spent couple of thousands of dollars on thousands of spins on multiple of their different machines on multiple gambling sites. And it seems impossible to get a bonus or a decent win. I gambled normal when I first started this year, but after a while I couldn't seem to win anything on different BTG slots. And that raised my suspiciousness, so I started playing on minimum stake, and did a lot (I mean thousands of spins) on different machines, and it was the same on all the slots I tried. It was impossible to win anything decent, and I never got one singel bonus. For me that is not logical. Theoretical it is possible to not receive a bonus on 5000 spins on danger high voltage. But that's like one in a million.
So was wondering if you could check it out to and see if you can find any info on this?

I also have a theory. What if they make the winning chances super slim to make up some money for the beginning of the year, so they are well on the positive side, before starting to pay out any big prices. Cause technically they can easily adjust the winning % by just a click of a button. I know it sounds crazy, but can a big company like BTG actually do something like this? Putting it out there to see what other people have to say. Cause if this is for real, its extremely serious.

Thanks - Sebastian

Comment from : Sebastian Hetland

Jackpot Wins
Epic wins of the year congratz guys!
Comment from : Jackpot Wins

Sadio Money
Big wins to number of streams ratio, Scotty comes out 1st, Jamie 2nd and unsurprisingly Josh a distant 3rd.
Comment from : Sadio Money

Adam Dunsby
Love your stream and vids, pack the mrs and kids off to bed so i can enjoy them properly
Comment from : Adam Dunsby

Leon Stevens
Loved being part of this stream with scotty keep up the good work lads
Comment from : Leon Stevens

Get in lads here’s to another year of Gary’s
Comment from : pwnd785

Kyle Hutchison
Rumor has it sam Allen is just Scotty in disguise
Comment from : Kyle Hutchison

Dan Blewett
Am amazing video and I miss Jamie so much. His primal win is my favourite. Legend. Love the winning reactions from all of you. Proper proper amazing channel this is. Full of entertainment at its very finest.. all fro FREE for me as a viewer. Say say nothing in life’s for free.. well.. this was a continues to be in 2020🤞. Amazing guys. Love it!!! Let’s keep this epic ness through 2020!!! 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤪🤪🤪😂😂😂😂🥴🥴🥴🥴🤯🤯🤯👏👏👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣🙈🙈🙈🙈
Comment from : Dan Blewett

John Griffiths
“Is that a wildline” will be hard to trump as the greatest line when added behind scotty’s actual wildline 😂😂😂
Comment from : John Griffiths

Shaun Orr
Stunning fellas!! The slots weren’t too bad either 😘
Comment from : Shaun Orr

Kris Harvey
A wild top left and it's Garys out! Hahahahahaha. Good Luck for the rest of the year!!
Comment from : Kris Harvey

kelvin finney
Comment from : kelvin finney

This video makes me happy... big wins for 2020 yeah 🎉
Comment from : BestAmyEver

awesome hits, but why put the x win before the hit, way to ruin the excitement for the actual hit
Comment from : luugius

Jackson Slots
Best slot streamers out there, watching every streams
Comment from : Jackson Slots

Karina Auld
Great wins, but Jamie’s win should have took too spot!
Comment from : Karina Auld

Karina Auld
Great wins, but Jamie’s win should have took too spot!
Comment from : Karina Auld

Candyland Spins
so many great hits, hope you guys keep on smashing
Comment from : Candyland Spins

Sy Soldier82
Definitely Jamie's Primal Win 😋😍 well done chaps
Comment from : Sy Soldier82

Robbo Vernon
Fat cats on a piss up streaming...
Comment from : Robbo Vernon

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